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Okay. I won't buy your game at *all*, then.

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As someone who has currently backed over 600 crowd-funded projects and has about 50 of the 88 Early Access games on Steam, I think this is a great idea.

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Too little, too late. $90 USD for six hours of a miserable experience, deleted it, never going back. Between this and BF4 (two copies including Premium for both), EA have really been a shit-show in 2013. Fuck them.

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I would likely enjoy this if I wasn't a fat old cripple.

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Unfortunately, we're a long time away from consoles having the resources to produce a world large enough that it could justify being spherical, like a globe (because it's unlikely you'd have a whole planet the size of a small city). Instead, it's easier to confine everything and implement silly "end of world" limitations, like "this bridge out of the city is always under construction".

There will be games/worlds that evolve to that point, eventually. The resources just dont' exist, yet. And even when they do, they'll almost certainly only apply to MMOs, because anything that is meant to tell a story or convey a particular experience will require a much smaller set of information and a smaller world. You don't need an entire planet/country/continent/etc to tell the story of Alan Wake, for example.

Well both time travel and spherical worlds has been achieved on consoles last millenia so welcome to the future.

And if you did it in text, instead of isometric 2D, you could have it span a dozen full spherical worlds. My point was clearly (or so I thought) that we will not see full real-world-sized spherical planets with modern graphical fidelity and depth. For most of the same reason that even most of the places in GTA V can't be entered. The power simply isn't there.

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If you care a fuck about Ryan Davis, don't throw something away that he would have surely done anything to cling onto. Every day you can hang on is a day he doesn't get to have. And you do. So do something with it. Even if it is super tiny and feels insignificant at the time.

Also, if you are going to do something, don't fucking do it during the holidays. Don't rob the people you care about not only of your existence, but of the one time of year when they're supposed to be able to find some joy and humanity for the rest of their life.

At the very least, promise yourself to put it off for awhile. Maybe by the time that day comes, you'll have changed your mind. If you can't do that, then call 1-800-273-8255 and ask them for help. What have you got to lose by making one last phone call?

BTW, we are all human pieces of shit. Stick around.

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Hey hey you you...

It's got the song of the decade so that means it is the game of the decade. Obviously.

We're done here folks.


Song of which decade? I mean, except for a couple words that were changed, it is the same song as the Rubinoos song from the 70s (right down to the "hey hey you you I wanna be your" part). It's a shame that they settled the lawsuit without also saying "in addition to the money, we also want to be given your song of the year award since it was our song". Heheheheh.

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No debate.

Even though it was stolen from the Rubinoos' '79 song I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (with whom they later settled a lawsuit regarding).

Personally, my favorite was the JunkieXL cover of Cities in Dust.

To this day, Burnout is the best multiplayer online experience I've ever had in a console game and second only to the golden-age of Counter-Strike, for any platform. Why they don't revisit this is beyond me (other than, I guess, their studio is nearly gutted or whatever?). Probably my favorite overall sound track of any game, too. Everything in the last half dozen years has turned into a shitfest of screamo, techno, numetal, faux-punk, hipster bullshit (especially in racing games - shit you would never ever ever go speeding around in a car to).

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A lot of duders have been watching Dave Lang's live stream all night, but I figured a lot of others might not know about it and regret missing it. It has been a blast, in typical Langzone style. He's raising money for Operation Supply Drop (raising money to help get gaming stuff to soldiers). He's also going to give every popcap game ever made (60 of them, I think?) away to a bidder donator in the next few minutes if you get in there and donate. I'm also going to give any game in my steam inventory to the winner (

Help a loyal GB duder out! (And sorry if this comes across as spammy, but come on - Dave Lang is practically family, right?). Even if you're not interested in the popcap stuff being raffled off in a few minutes, it's worth chipping in a few bucks, surely. :)

Edit: I said "bidder", instead of "donator". My bad. If you want the popcap stuff, he's basically doing $1 per ticket and then drawing the winner out of all that.

Update: Okay, 10:25 PM PT -- Lang drew a winner, so that raffle is over. BUT now there is a raffle coming up for the "every valve game" pack on Steam! (I don't know when this one is actually happening as Dave hasn't mentioned it again in the last little while . . .). Also, the winner of the PopCap games offered to raffle them off again, so they might be back up for donators overnight. :)