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It's absurdly not on itunes :T

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'Gaming Glasses' are a fiction, they don't do anything at all for your health and are worn by people paid to wear them or gullible enough to think they do something.

You could always go to the optician for an eye test, maybe you need glasses or a prescription change. When i've had issues like that working at a PC it has often been because my eyesight had actually got worse and I hadn't really noticed, instead i'd tried to compensate.

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@ll_exile_ll: Was fine for until this last week, since then it's been DC from 75% of Crucible games and Strikes and now I can't even finish the daily, I tried to do today's one twice and it booted me on the last fucking wave of at the end BOTH times. I wanted to do VoG but couldn't do it this weekend because of this. No idea what's causing it but it's not on my end.

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Good luck even playing it, I can't even finish a mission without getting a random error recently.

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League of Legends Solo queue

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Eyepatch wolf companion = game of the year

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Turns out I did actually miss the cutscene where you get given the gun from the badly explained Exo lady robot thing.

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@baillie said:

Well it's not like it was building up to anything.

True enough, the whole thing is really confusing, it's like it's missing the beginning and the end of a story, no part of the game explains anything or why I should care.

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So I just finished what I assume is the final story mission in which you defeat the black heart blob thingy in the Black Garden. All that happens after that is i go back to the speaker and get a reward, no cutscene, no wrap up for whatever the fuck it was i did as I still don't really know what the hell is going on, why i should care or anything else.

Did I miss something because I went away and left the game running at the end mission/reward screen and i was back in orbit when I got back.

If that is really it then i'm really disappointed, I know there's more to come but seriously, that's the biggest anticlimax ever.

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