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Pretty sure it's Dan which is good, it's really taken too long to get new people in.

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Yeah sure.

Oh wait I have no idea what you are talking about or why you even posted that.

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Personally I am pretty happy with the site, the staff and its content and gladly pay the sub for the premium stuff, however I do think that Giantbomb needs some new blood to change things a bit, Patrick is great and I appreciate what he is doing but most of the content he creates isn't all that interesting to me and he has no presence on the live shows since he moved.

I think that since moving from Whiskey Media there has been a lack in content and things aren't a 'fun' as they felt like they used to be. What's more the loss of Ryan is still something that Giantbomb is recovering from,maybe getting some more people on board will help rejuvenate the site a bit.

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Yeah this seems about right, the game is excellent but one of the most interesting parts of Dark Souls was the world and lore and DS2 just doesn't do anything like as good a job with it, there are too many obvious references to the previous game and they don't build up the lore of Drangleic anywhere near as well as Lordran dispite the fact that one could basically be build on the other.

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I like how this is both nonsense and a meta-commentary on the Ukraine/Russia situation.

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I can't wait for that moment in the middle of that great VR horror game when I realise that the real horror was the subliminal messaging telling me to poke people on facebook.

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Holy shit I forgot it was Tuesday until just now.