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Jeff was right. Yoshi is a jerk.

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A person's interest is "piqued," not "peaked," Patrick.

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Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 has "mixed" reviews now? That's a laugh.

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Just a note, Vinny - You should be cautious about declaring on the internet that you're bringing a Giant Bomb to New York.

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@darji said:

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Wait, seriously? GLaDOS is winning? How the fuck did that happen?

More people played Portal, and GLaDOS made those great memes.


She has the personality of a woman, and she has a female voice.

To say she is not female is like saying Labrys, Android 18, EDI and Aegis are not female.

What the hell is a personality of a women? XD Yes she has a female voice and? Imagine she is just a male Robot who likes to have a female voice? Ellie on the other hand has a ton of emotions, the feels absolutely real and that is not only because she is voiced by a great Ashley Johnson but also because she is a great maybe even the best written Female Character this Industry has.

Videogame characters are all "robots."

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Thumbnail is a subliminal Decepticon recruitment.

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In your description of Machinima as "recording dumb shit that somehow involves video games," you've also managed to pretty much define Giant Bomb.

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"We knew this was going to happen six months ago, because it happened with every other game launch, and we didn't want to do what we needed to to to prepare, so here - have a free game that costs us nothing at all since it's just data on a server and you weren't going to buy it anyway.

Thanks for continuing to be huge suckers,

Your friends at EA."

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I wasn't interested in Epic Mickey, but I'm sort of interested in this one, if only because it's a musical. I don't really like musicals, so much as I enjoy their trainwreck nature.

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If Ovechkin has a giant hole in his teeth to go with his giant head and giant hits, and I can play as him, I'm in. 

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