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I'm so excited! I'm so scared!

This. This, a thousand times this.

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You guys are right. While I usually only have time to check out a few QLs and the occasional Unprofessional Friday, I do see that there's a bunch of other kinds of content, whether they are from Patrick or elsewhere. I meant to ask if there's something I wasn't aware of but it came in the form of complaining. I've been here since 2009 and have always appreciated what the guys do and keep subscribed for that reason. If it weren't so late I probably would have thought it through before starting a forum post that I'm sure is posted in one way or another over and over. But as it were, it's posted and here we are.

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Fair enough. I've been out of the loop for a couple weeks and it just seemed different. I see why. Thanks for the "constructive" criticism, folks, ha.

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Something I've noticed in the past week or so: a significant drop off of content on the website. It wasn't that long ago that there was 3-4 QL's a day. I know content goes down during events like E3 and PAX, but to my knowledge nothing is going on right now, right? Tho only thing I can think of is they are taking it easy until the big consoles drop. Either that (or "that and") they are still recovering from the charity marathon. I am not trying to complain (I still have several hours of For the Kids to watch, no worries) I was just wondering if I missed something.

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So... I've tried getting on the server for a few days. Is it down? I've checked the IP and I'm sure it's the right one (the pugs one).

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Hey Duders. I used to be a regular on the Tested vanilla server. It's really hard to go back to vanilla after being used to Tekkit/FTB. I just found out about the GB FTB server and am interested in digging in. My Minecraft name is bratcherlev . Could I have my permissions okay'd?

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Been thinking of my favorite Ryan moments. I think one of my absolute favorites was when a duder sent in a circuit bent doll or toy or something and the guys spent half the bombcast messing with it (probably an exaggeration, but it went on for a long time). I remember Ryan laughing so hard that it sounded like he was going to pass out.

I've tried searching, but I don't remember which bombcast it was. It was a couple years ago, maybe? Does anyone remember any more specifics?

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MSPaint style. I do what I can.

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sorry for the double post... site hiccups.

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