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@jewunit said:

The deal is that Mike and Jago had a FT5 on Cross Assault that Mike won rather convincingly. Apparently, the match was staged.

apparently it wasn't staged. their rivalry was, but the matches were real. but the rumour will stay, because people are like that.

watched marn's stream and mike ross said some good stuff. feeling bad for miranda. can't say I'm surprised that it happened, I was more surprised they even hired aris.

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@Bestostero: yeah, that wrestling stuff is crap and it annoyed me from the beginning. and they shouldn't have done it in my opinion. on the other hand they are 2 dudes playing videogames together, talking shit about each other(unfortunately in a very public place). the internet community did their best by taking everything seriously and going into camps, while the 2 dudes involved have a laugh about what they said about each other. questioning EVERYTHING now that arturo showed they are actually buddies(for the second time) is overdoing it though.

now somebody fill me in on whatever happened on the tekken stream and all the stuff connected to it.

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man, people are freaking out about this. but only the stream monsters. welp, the people involved all admitted on twitter the rivalry was staged(which was obvious from the very beginning), but said the matches were real. I think I'll believe them instead of emp_mrn_mcz_funnynameswag. I don't get why some people don't want to see mike ross as a good player, but I guess when he loses it shows he's a fraud and when he wins it's staged. I guess this is how it's supposed to be.

anyway, there were some great matches yesterday and that's all I wanted to see.

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sherry killing it on the challanges! I have to give props to that.

right now I think renic will take it, but at the same time I don't want to count the other dudes out. especially tasty steve. I think people are sleeping on him.

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I think there's a mod for the PC version that let's you replay all missions.

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Trick it: 16,130,180

Race it: 2:08,76

and it will stay like that forever.

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A for me. I would like it if not everything was about tricks. I just want to go down a mountain without hitting buttons.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: it's another step in the evolution of fighting games. capcom puts in a new mechanic in every new fighting game they make to see if it works out. I don't think the direction they are heading is the right one(with character customisation like gems), but maybe I'll be proven wrong. atleast they are trying it(and they try it before putting it in a SFV).

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after all the good things people said about SSX I would have bought it right away. good thing I played the demo. really not my cup of tea.

if there is a snowboard game coming up with wide open terrains, preferably big mountains, and I can just race down without having to do tricks and keeping combos, give me a call.

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I hope the rumour is true that 4 characters are gonna be 5 bucks. and I hope Guy and Cody aren't in the same pack as some cool Tekken characters, because I don't care for them.