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I did the right thing first(characters were doing it, but I wasn't holding the button) and it didn't work. I spent like an hour running around looking for an alternative solution and then went online to see what to do.

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What shit design.


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@depecheload: Thanks for arguing with those people. Just wanted to let you know it's appreciated.

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maybe they are saving the female protagonist for the next read dead game.........

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Again the ads. God dammit, this is like the third time the ads are causing problems for me(last thread about this wasn't even too long ago). Forcing me to use adblock.

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@RedJimi: this actually worked for me. I click on the video and when nothing loads I refresh, until the x-com ad plays. that is the only ad that I get.

maybe there is a problem with some ads? they don't load, so the video woun't load either?

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@Dislecsik: yeah, same here: frontpage works, but the videos don't work on their own pages. neither with firefox, nor IE. and it's not adblock.

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I hope you guys test the results on a TNT

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well, to me it sounds like these 2 were made for each other. have fun in court!

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@rmanthorp said:

Deviant Art: The Game.

This is the perfect summary of why I don't like the look of the game. It's like browsing DA and on first sight a lot of the pictures look well drawn and good, people put a lot of time and effort into their pictures, but then I notice fundamental flaws like anatomy(the one thing they always get wrong. "but it's cartoon style" is the worst excuse) or how shadows fall.

It's a pet peeve of mine, but if a character is drawn in a style that wants proper anatomy(not ren&stimpy), the character stands upright and the character's hands are on the same level as his knees, I can't play the game. There is always something off and it's annoying. Also teal is the worst colour.

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so we in europe have to pay more anyway, even MS points are more expensive(because they treat dollar and euro 1:1) and then we don't even get the pricecut. well, still not as bad as sony I guess.