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dying does not refill his health, however he does heal if you go in and out. so if you just "check on him", you are screwing everybody else over. check the twitters for health updates.

I think the urdragon got stronger during the grace period(the 15 or so minutes in which you can kill him super easily) with the last patch. so it's not as easy to just walk in there and get all the hearts with a few hits.

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@Ares42 said:

having the same problem, although the video on the front page works, it's only when I load the video page it doesn't work.

got the same problem. I thought I couldn't watch any videos until I read your post and tried the front page. front page works but nothing else. weird.

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I haven't seen indie game: the movie, so I guess that's the reason why I don't understand all that hatred for fish, but fez is amazing and I hope he gets to port it to other platforms.

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my buddy's pawn summoned meteors and killed him too. that pawn summons meteors all the time and is the most dangerous thing in the game for me.

I just hung out in kassardis and killed stuff in the west for some time.

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@jackDanger said:

Oh I get it, the rape stuff is ok now, there's a woman working on it! Also I'm not racist, I have black friends.

we need a like button

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Wow, don't think that is going to happen. $350,000 is a little too much, buddy.

I can't say I disagree. it's not an RPG about vikings, so I have no doubt they will have trouble making it. but maybe they get lucky and we get one more critically unacclaimed, but silly fun game.

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@dudeglove: hahaha holy shit

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Usually I don't care about Kickstarter. I'm not in the "ugh! another Kickstarter?!" crowd, but I just don't care for zombies and other things are regular Kickstarters. But this one caught my interest:

Kaiju Combat is a 1-4 player giant monster fighting game. Imagine a Godzilla fighting game(maybe without Godzilla, depends on how much funding they get). Yep, that's it. Just imagine that. And it's done by people who actually made Godzilla games before! They are asking for 350 thousand dollars, which is quite a lot money to us, but by now we also know that videogames cost a lot(A LOT) more to make. But the team behind Kaiju Combat already has their engine, with netcode and it has been ported to all platforms already(game will be PC first tho), that they used in Deadliest Warrior, their Godzilla and other games. And because they already have all that, they can make such a game without a million dollars.

On top of that they want Kaiju Combat to be a framework for giant monster fighting games. After Kaiju Combat is done they hope to release standalone Kaiju Combat games, that you could play as a standalone game or add to your existing game to make it into a bigger game with a bunch of monsters.

More information and all that jazz: Kaiju Combat Kickstarter page

I'm intrigued. In the video you can see snippets of their older Godzilla games, so you know what they will be going for. I expect a kinda whacky and fun brawler with XBLA quality and I want such a game to exist. That's why I'm spreading the word.

I discovered it on, where Simon Strange(I wish I had a name like that, I'd become a scientist or a spy!) made a thread and he answers questions too. So head over there if you want to know even more. Also this was hard to write without giant monster puns.

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let them grow up before sucking them into the creepy internet weirdness.

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And that nightmarish thread where some guy wrote about how Ryan was starving and so Jeff disemboweled himself so Ryan could feast on his innards. Not sure if it ever got 404'd, but it's out there somewhere.

what? w..what?(somebody better have a link)

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there was a videogame for the first one, but it was a small flash game, SNES contra style. it was pretty good.

a video was leaked for the expendables 2 videogame a week or so ago and unfortunately it looked completely awful. I really hope it was a very very early build, but don't get your hopes up.