Banned for Dying?

I purchased The War Z last December, which was obviously a big mistake. I didn't play much of it, because I thought it was boring. Early last month, I thought I would give it one more try. I walked into a town where I met my first "hacker". This guy named Whiteroar stood in the middle of 20 zombies, none of them attacked him, but they all came after me as he stood there shooting at me. After I die, I call out on server chat, warning everyone to look out for the bastard. I ragequit, then come back 5 hours and I discover that I am perma-banned from the game.

Confused, I go to the official forums to find out why I was banned. I eventually come across a ton of threads of people who were banned for no reason. Reading through a few of those threads shows me that the rest of the community instantly writes everyone off as hackers, since the devs supposedly developed some kind of automated hacker scouter. I eventually found reports from other game websites regarding the banning of innocent people. I decided to contact customer support via email on January the 4th, asking why I was banned and demanding a refund. I didn't receive a reply from customer service until 30 minutes ago, which read:

Zombert (The War Z Survivor Support)

Feb 06 15:00 (PST)

Upon review, your account has been approved for renewal. There is not enough here to warrant a permanent ban but be warned, we are watching and any hack\cheat that is used will seal the fate of your account.

Thank you,


For one thing, I don't know the first thing about hacking/cheating in videogames. Also, if the developers did create some all-powerful automated hacking doo-hickey, why is there not enough to warrant a permanent ban and why was I not given any further details regarding my ban?

Innocent people are still being banned at random, and The War Z community has its lips tightly wrapped around the devs' cocks. I know, it's my fault for purchasing the game, and I have learned my lesson, but something has to be done to prevent more people from falling victim to this bullshit.


"Stealing" Kills

I'm sure many of you have been accused of stealing a teammate's kills. Hell, I used to get upset when a teammate stole my kills, but I eventually learned that getting upset is absolutely ridiculous. While playing Counter Strike last night, a fellow teammate was angry with me and bitched about it the entire match. Whenever a round ended, he would kill me and pick up my weapons. Petty shit like this happens a lot in Halo, which is one reason why I took a break from it.

There is no such thing as stealing kills, especially if you're part of a team. If I see a comrade in a firefight I'm not going to standby and give the enemy an opportunity to get an extra kill. Or maybe there's a chance that we're both aiming after the same target, there should be no reason for you to get angry. We're a team so let's act like it. If you want something dead, kill it faster, aim better, use more skill... do something other than screaming like a maniac. This isn't limited to children either, grown ass men get all butt hurt about this. It's ridiculous and does nothing but increase your chances of losing.