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I'll be watching while I do homework. This is actually the first DICE award show I've seen.

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@strangeling said:

@BraveToaster: I thought I read one of their 'rules' was to not talk about hackers on the message boards. That could have been their reason for the original ban. I'm surprised you were able to contact their customer support and get it resolved. I guess they're trying to improve?

Yeah, you actually misread that 'rule'. You can talk about hackers on their forums, but you cannot talk about the hacks themselves (how to hack, glitch, etc.). And no, they aren't trying to improve; I waited 34 days for a reply, and my issue isn't fully resolved. There are people who have been trying to contact support to repeal their cases, and they still haven't received responses yet.

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@Subjugation: Yes, I did reply to the email after I received it and asked for refund, but I'm sure that I have to wait another 30+ days to receive a response to that.

I'm going to post some of the crap that bandwagoners say about "hackers" on their forums.

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@Daneian: Thanks. I'll check that out.

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@Blu3V3nom07: $15 really isn't a major loss for me, but I could have purchased a better game. The best we can do is spread the word and prevent more people from wasting money.

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I purchased The War Z last December, which was obviously a big mistake. I didn't play much of it, because I thought it was boring. Early last month, I thought I would give it one more try. I walked into a town where I met my first "hacker". This guy named Whiteroar stood in the middle of 20 zombies, none of them attacked him, but they all came after me as he stood there shooting at me. After I die, I call out on server chat, warning everyone to look out for the bastard. I ragequit, then come back 5 hours and I discover that I am perma-banned from the game.

Confused, I go to the official forums to find out why I was banned. I eventually come across a ton of threads of people who were banned for no reason. Reading through a few of those threads shows me that the rest of the community instantly writes everyone off as hackers, since the devs supposedly developed some kind of automated hacker scouter. I eventually found reports from other game websites regarding the banning of innocent people. I decided to contact customer support via email on January the 4th, asking why I was banned and demanding a refund. I didn't receive a reply from customer service until 30 minutes ago, which read:

Zombert (The War Z Survivor Support)

Feb 06 15:00 (PST)

Upon review, your account has been approved for renewal. There is not enough here to warrant a permanent ban but be warned, we are watching and any hack\cheat that is used will seal the fate of your account.

Thank you,


For one thing, I don't know the first thing about hacking/cheating in videogames. Also, if the developers did create some all-powerful automated hacking doo-hickey, why is there not enough to warrant a permanent ban and why was I not given any further details regarding my ban?

Innocent people are still being banned at random, and The War Z community has its lips tightly wrapped around the devs' cocks. I know, it's my fault for purchasing the game, and I have learned my lesson, but something has to be done to prevent more people from falling victim to this bullshit.

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Meh, they should spend their time doing a QL for a game that isn't boring. The only interesting thing about Path of Exile is the massive skill map. Other than that, it's kind of boring.

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I like the way it looks.

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@RockyRaccoon37 said:

@BraveToaster said:

I saw his game on Steamlight a few weeks ago and I down-voted. I really don't want to come off as being harsh, but there are a ton of budding Indie game developers who need help. Many of these people have their own sob stories, but I've reached the point where sob stories don't cut it when it comes to giving my money away. We get a lot of threads about game developers going through hard times. Hell, a lot of people are going through hard times, I just want a better reason to give my money to one person instead of the other.

It's $2.

If you don't want to spend it, fine. But no need to proclaim to the world that you're an asshole.

No one is asking you to decide to spend your money on a game based solely on whether or not they're struggling and have a "sob story". Buy a game if it interests you. Support a developer if you feel moved to.

I heard about this game when it came out, but wasn't sure if it would be for me. Then I heard about this, read more about the game and the developer and decided I wanted to purchase it, in part to support him in what little way I can. So I didn't purchase it purely based on the fact that the dude is going through a tough time, but yes it played into it-- like anything else there was a range of reasons that led me to buy the game, not just one motivating factor.

You can call me an asshole and whatever else you want, I don't care. I hear/read stories like this often, the frequency seems to have spiked in recent years. Perhaps Indie developers should find a better way to get people to buy their work, instead of resorting to sad stories like some Feed the Children infomercial. If you want to give him your money, fine, but don't come at me about being an asshole when you're being one yourself.