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At this point, I can't imagine ever installing Uplay. I guess that means I won't be buying Ubisoft games on PC, and I'm less likely to buy them on any platform.

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@thehumandove: Sorry, I meant *a* source of vitriol. You don't have to constantly interact with people here to find plenty of it. Your sarcastic, condescending reply is a great example.

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@tom_scherschel: Yep. This thread alone should be enough of an indication. I've never really cared that Giant Bomb tacitly enables a community like this because I rarely interact with it. I visit the site for the video content. However, acting like this community isn't a source of vitriol is just too much. Giant Bomb's staff can accept the situation or try to change it, but denial is just bogus.

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You're so good at this. :D

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He can't be gone. ;_;

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Wait... what talk show? As for your logo, I can't get past how much I dislike the colors used.

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Jeff was *on* for this, and it was great.

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@Jimbo: You have no tact. You can try to argue that you're just pointing out a bad name. Really, though, you're doing it in a very abrasive way, and that gives away your bad intentions for the discussion. In other words, you're not worth discussing this with. Mocking people who recognize that fact as "running away" just makes you look even more immature.

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I'm sorry to disappoint your imagination, but there is no gay conspiracy to exclude straight people shrouded in some gay supremacy movement. There's a key ingredient missing for justified outrage here: any sinister motive whatsoever. The group has said it's inclusive. You're looking for outrage for whatever reason. You haven't found anything to base it on, and you won't.