2010: The Experiment

The basic premise

  •  Create a list of ten games that you are excited for in 2010
  • Add a simple explanation as to why you are excited for each game
  • Post them into this thread
  • As each game is released and upon playing it, post your opinion of the game 
  • At the end of the year we will be able to look back on the games we were excited for, as well as our original expectations for the game compared to the final product.

The Goal 

Hopefully when this year comes to a close this thread will still be floating about, being updated with the opinions of our most anticipated games.  If this survives the months ahead it will prove to be an interesting take on what we were all excited for and how those games actually turned out.       
If you would like to participate in this experiment, simply post your own list here.

List items

Posted by Red12b

Have you updated this?  
What are your thoughts on most of these games? 

Posted by Breadfan
@Red12b: Of the games that I played, and the games that were actually released this year, most have surpassed my expectations.  Red Dead and Mass Effect 2 are going to be a toss up for my game of the year, though New Vegas seems to be getting up there as well. 
It is odd that I did not include Fallout: New Vegas on this list, since Fallout 3 was one of my favorite games of 2008, and well into 2009 with the downloadable content.
Posted by Red12b
I'm kind of 50-50 split of how my year has gone, definitely some disappointments.