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If you don't mind losing some of you Physique stats at certain points, just do that. As for the height that's Skill, which if you're Melee you don't need. I used the Sex Change potion after I got the castle, so I  ran into the same issue. So I just took of the Physique and Skill, but God knows my weapons were so damn over-powered I could kill everything I saw while reading a book upside down and backwards. But if you REALLY want to do the Crucible, just stack it back on. You still have the Points, just not set into those areas. Not to mention you should stil be killing things all over the place. I made sure to regularly clear out the Hob Cave once an in-game week.

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They were high, 'nuff said.

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@BreakerMahoney said:
" @Jayzilla said:
" They are both lame. Altair is of Middle Eastern descent. Somehow his family supposedly intermingled with Italians? Seems far fetched for a dude that is part of an organization(and his whole lineage apparently, seeing that Ezio is a member, as well as Desmond now) that fights against Templars that are historically European. I know it's a small oversight, but they give no back story whatsoever, except for this, "Device of supernatural power". Can you be any more vague at all? Can you be any more generic? Why go to all the trouble of setting up what could be a great framework for a story and have it all hinge on some shadowy artifact that you don't bother explaining in any detail at all? Seems like Ubi dropped the ball here. Maybe they can take it a step further and have an American actor play the lead role in a movie about a Middle Eastern/Italian Assasin and he can use a British accent. Nevermind, Bruckheimer already beat them to the punch on that one. "
Okay, let's just get this over with.  It's been proven time after time by historical records that The Knights Templar did infact take part in The Crusades, if you recall the Altair portion of Assassin's Creed II, he fucks Maria Thorpe, who is a limey most likely. Being reasonable Maria could have very well gone to Italy, where she had her child, or her child went to Italy in it's life, where it had a child, and so on and so on until you reach Ezio. The odds of one of Desmond's other ancestors coming to America is not far fetched, it happened since the beginning of the Country. Now, to quote a few of the pictures up there. I am right, your argument is invalid. Please leave your ignorance at the door if you want to say something back to this.  As for the question.-Altair is better, he has the balls to tell nearly everyone he runs into to go suck themselves, while Ezio time after time says he would rather not "Bloody his blade.", and use the "Puss Route", add the fluffy-ness of Ezio costume to the mix, and he is an utter fruit.. "
Also. The Piece of Eden is explained throughout the story in  Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines[I think, never played.], Assassin's Creed II, and IU think there was another one as well. If you can prove me wrong, please do so with atleast a legit resource.
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Took me a bit less than a day, 19 hours or so.

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95%, missing the feathers and the last hammer.

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Get back in the kitchen and stop complaining.

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The up directional arrow.

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The only trouble I had were the Poleman[Pikes, Halberds, etc.], mainly because I didn't feel like unarming them, so I used the Hidden Blade to counter as much as I could, but I did get fucked up a few times, but that was on me, not the game. So yes, it was far too easy.

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Yes, Heartbreak has a nice idea.
As for the Firearms Training, that might take place in anywhere from Colonial Europe/America, to the Victorian Ages.
I wouldn't mind it being set during The French Revolution though, great time of beheadment and other killing, perfect place for an Assassin if you ask me, plus it would give him firearms and blade training.

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@Utlas said:
" @MetalR: Remember that Ezios got a gun "
Not going to matter if Altair is within a few feet with a blade to Ezio's fruit of a neck.
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