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I really enjoyed the game itself but yeah, they really botched the writing. It's like there's an actual story there, but you only see the second act of it. The game does mention (quite often actually) that Aiden is a miserable hypocrite and a mass murderer, but it doesn't ever go anywhere with the idea. You spend the whole game waiting for that moment where he turns the corner and realises he's a bad guy, but it never happens. Very weird.

But again, it's a fun game, and I never expected anything from the story portion anyway. I'd still recommend it overall.

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The issue with the ending is that even after scouring the game for every scrap of info you can find, you will end up knowing nothing about Red.

What's she like? What's her take on all this? What's her end goal? You hear a whole lot about what Sword Guy is feeling, but does she like him? Does she even know him at all? There's an opportunity for development toward the end of the game (!!) when she starts offering him encouragement through the terminal screens, but it's awfully generic. "I'm going to get you out of there!" etc. Nothing you wouldn't say to your dad. Hardly leaves the impression that she might, oh I don't know, blow off rebuilding the city to go sit on his corpse and kill herself out of longing and despair.

The final scene places Red's eternal love for this dead man at the heart of the whole game. That crazy end-of-the-world business was all in service to the story's emotional core. These characters' relationship is the A-plot and this is its climax. This lady is fundamentally unknown to us, and their relationship is being almost entirely established for the first time BY this action. There's just nothing to feel, it's totally unearned. I laughed, honestly.

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Don't buy SimCity.

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@demoskinos: Assuming your progress on that quest doesn't carry over into new game plus, (nothing majorly spoilery here, but gonna mark it just in case): the secret dungeon seems to house only Last Ones, so I'm guessing that's the way you're supposed to actually beat all of them in one playthrough

Your progress does carry over into NG+ since it's looking at your bestiary completion (which you keep) rather than the monsters you've eradicated (which resets). That's why the guy who gives you the quest says weird things like "maybe this would be possible for someone who lived more than once".

You're right about the secret dungeon being an easy way to wipe out most species, but unfortunately it's missing all the ones you face in the final dungeon (Chimera, Set, etc.) and you can't back out once you're in there, so even if you did it on a single playthrough you'd need to start a NG+ just to turn it in.

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I took the last code, thanks very much!

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@jasonr86 said:

I was an idiot by the way. Played it past all the junk cutscenes, all the awful load times. Got to the part in the first stage when you play as Tails and couldn't control him well enough to make jumps, lost all my lives, and the game started completely over. Then I turned it off. What an absolute piece of shit.

Sounds about right. Now buy all the DLC, it's only $15.

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@monkfishesq said:


Not testing the game enough? ENOUGH? They didn't fucking test it *once* At any point did they ever think "maybe we should put this into a retail 3DS?"

If they're so incompetent they can't even test a game like they how can they ever be trusted to release anything again?

Atlus just need to self publish in the EU.

That's kinda harsh. You have to get pretty deep into the game before either of the bugs becomes an issue, and again, Atlus did all the development work on it. There's rarely any reason to go looking for software bugs in something that's already been finished and released, when all you've done is asked for a build with extra 'u's in a few words.

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Japanese game, European release... American football terminology, haha

I'm getting in on this as soon as the website finds its legs. If Overclocked is anything to go by, we won't get the new version of DS2 until the 3DS is on its way out anyway. I'm sure these problems aren't Ghostlight's fault - every other Atlus game has kind of a crap release over here too (if any).

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@Hizang said:

@Petiew said:

Now if only they'd fix the awful new shop!

I know right, I actually prefer the old shop, this one is so slow, Wii U kinds of slow.

The old one wasn't exactly snappy either, but it doesn't really matter any more because they added an online browser-based version, and that's always the pro option.

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Foghorn Cafe is the name of the kitchen where you find one of the Dishwasher characters. It's not a helpful note.

The orb has an hourglass on it to match the one on the wall, that whole thing is a reference to Simon's Quest.

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