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It seems like you actually want this cat to stay as a pet, and aren't interested in having people come to remove the cat for you. Best of luck I guess.

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I beat it on Normal difficulty late last year and really liked it. I haven't played it more than once though.

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I got the OLED with a pack-in Madden game which I ignored. The OLED looks fantastic for being sort of low resolution, compared to modern smartphone screens.

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Yup, Canada doesn't get Spotify :( something about the way we negotiate with artists.

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I actually thought that HitmanAgent47 was kind of adorable. Even when he tried to be helpful and constructive he came off as so pompous and condescending, it was so endearing.

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In general? No. I do regret gaming far too much in place of working harder in school. Growing up, I was not good at controlling my intake of entertainment and it turned me into a procrastinator. I am still trying to will myself out of those habits to his day.

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I don't like to post just to be a negative Nancy, but...ehh. I've played many other RE's, and I just don't think I care anymore.

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I got the original for $199 (CAN) in a Madden 13 bundle. I promptly threw out Madden 13.

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@jasonr86: For sure, I don't exactly like being called "scrawny" at times either, because I spend time exercising regularly to maintain a decent build. Not that I'm an expert but it sounds like you get a bit of a ribbing for being where others wish they could be.

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@jasonr86: Could your family be described as slightly over healthy weight in general? Only asking because I'm around 6' and 185, and I see myself as a person with enough muscle on himself to be considered "in shape", and far from rail thin or anything.