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Mechanic in heels, love it. Playing as a dog looks like a neat diversion, and as usual that car looks super baller.

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I second Hardcore History.

The Nerdist Podcast is a great one to cherry-pick if you want to hear interesting interviews with a lot of famous people (the Arnold Schwarzenegger one is especially great).

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I agree with believer258, in that I think the shift to console-first thinking and with the rise if steam has made PC gaming much less expensive and intimidating to get into.

I assume "PC is dying" is just recognition of the fact that the PC platform is no longer a seperate entity that leads technologically in an obvious waay. The days of PC: Half-Life and Console: Ocarina of Time are definitely dead.

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Too bad he doesn't think the GB guys like him that much but given his relationship with Leah Alexander and Stephen Totilo I can see his relationship with Patrick being a little awkward. He always seemed to come off well in the big E3 podcasts but maybe off-camera they just don't gel really well. Oh well, everybody won't like everybody.

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Spec Ops: The Line

Mirror's Edge

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Tales of Vesperia

Red Dead Redemption

The Witcher 2

Far Cry 3

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Giant Bomb is a slow loader, apparently. I blame Sleepy Brad.

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Cool! Also this should probably be under the FF14 forum, not general discussion.

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Can they just fuck up a little bit more? I'd like Reach remastered if that's okay.

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I don't know about high school but my Mom was an elementary school teacher for over 30 years and that can be tough, especially in a climate where parents have all the power and their direct boss (the principal) never backs up their staff. I'm not all for corporal punishment or anything but hearing about having to capitulate constantly to lunatic parents sounded rough.

It wasn't all bad though, my Mom had great classes and students she loved. Increasing bureaucracy, complete adherence to a sort-of silly standardized provincial test curriculum, and lack of power over crazy parents definitely wore her down.

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@monkeyking1969: I wish I had a link or something but the bulk of most movies earnings are still in the box office, especially an expensively marketed movie.