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I actually got very tired of Zelda: Skyward Sword by the end. I don't know if you could say that the game was "padded" but I felt done with it before the end.

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Sure, looks good. I appreciate his anime Harry Potter style. I will enjoy playing this on my Vita via the PS4!

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Also I love orchestral music.

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I don't usually point this out but I really feel like we get a lot of these threads.

I suppose I'll chime in with the usual. Jedi Knight sequel anyone? Forget about trying to continue character stories, I just want the game play back.

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This bums me out. I feel like in previous generations they would have released a Dead or Alive 6 for a new set of hardware.

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@andorski: If you trust what Anand says, the site is now staffed with specialists who are all more knowledgeable about their areas of expertise than Anand is at any specific tech product category so it should continue to be of a high standard.

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@alexisg: Thanks Alexis, you're great :)

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Anand Shimpi, the founder of one the most respected and popular tech sites on the web, has just announced his retirement.

Many of us on this website enjoy reading tech reviews and news as a source of knowledge for PC hardware, and more recently to get in depth coverage of mobile devices. Few sites are as thorough as Anandtech and I've enjoyed learning about new graphics cards every year as well as other PC parts.

Anand started the website in 1998 and has directed its growth towards becoming the fantastic resource it is today. I'm sure many of us visit Anandtech and that a few will want to join me in wishing him a happy retirement and good luck in his future endeavors.