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With my internet I don't have to be picky. Unlimited data and 55 down for $90/month means I'm pretty much good to go at all times.

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"World's most popular mailman seen!" "In public!"

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I played Revengeance and DmC pretty much back to back, and I liked DmC a hell of a lot more than Revengeance. Revengeance was fine other than the last boss fight which smelt of cheese, and they made some stuff look pretty stupid and cool.

#4 Posted by Brendan (8753 posts) - has a weekly Android round up. Go look at a few editions spanning several weeks and I'm sure youll find interesting stuff. Also play Super Hexagon.

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I picked the first option but I think it's mostly equal. I'm including games I'm playing on my phone.

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@ll_exile_ll: I don't know how bad your luck is but before I took a short break I was running through Crota once a week on Normal and Hard for 2 months and there was maybe two times when I didn't get through either relatively quickly with a group. I have to disagree with your stance. There is nothing that Bungie will make that won't eventually be relatively easy for a group of random to complete together. I've seen random groups do raids in their sleep for weeks.

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This doesn't seem that crazy given how risky big games are, and how much money Konami makes on other ventures. If they see themselves as more of a diversified business than just a home console video games company then there's no way soldiering on in that space looks appealing on paper.

What this means for games though...I don't know. Silent Hills has been dead for a while, and with MGSV the loop is closed on that story anyway. It's been a while since they've given forum frequenters much to be excited about so I don't see this as any great tragedy.

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There are definitely two seemingly bottomless grinding pits in this game. The one between level 20-24/25, and level 30-32. They exist for different reasons. The former is because to have a higher chance of getting light equipped armour you need to complete higher level content that you're locked out of. The latter is because the Crota economy forces grinding for a very specific set of stuff that takes a while to accumulate. Both poor design decisions.

I had more fun with the Crota stuff since I was playing with friends once a week and I'm a fairly happy level 32 who took a break for a month before HoW releases, but I remember getting a little bored at level 20-22 being stuck waiting for luck to nudge me upward. I'm pretty sure I was level 21 for a while and then suddenly bumped to level 24, which set me up for the future. Not a well designed progression scheme.

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I feel like for many years now gamers on forums have equated open world with higher quality. I have often read what might as well have been...

"Imagine *insert game" but OPEN WORLD."

"Oh damn, that sounds orgasmically next-gen!!"

...which developers have obviously cottoned on to. There are a few open world games I really love. I can always dig deep into an Elder Scrolls game for example. But I have recently come to the realization that what most open world stuff comes down to is spending way more time walking around getting to the game rather than playing the game. It's obvious that the metric devs are tackling is maximum amount of hours they can say a game takes to beat. That's related to another set of lowest common denominator style of internet forum comments right there.

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I tend to play games on "hard" but not whatever the 4th "insane" option is. The first two Witcher games, and especially the 2nd, were off-puttingly difficult in the beginning. I might play The Witcher 3 on Normal.