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Were there any non-AAA games that really stood out this year? (Kind of a silly question when I say it like that). This seems like a kind of year where there isn't a AAA game that really knocked everyone's socks off.

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@zeeman155: You say "prove" twice in your comment, and it sounds like you're prescribing a character trait on a company where it doesn't make any sense. How do you think Telltales current situation reflects on then in such a way as to make you think they're only doing this because they have something to "prove"?

Look, the way it's happening to Telltale is the way it happens to a lot of people/entities in entertainment. Your company is full of talented and hard working people who take every chance you get and have a ton of dream ideas you're chomping at the bit for. When the big break happens and suddenly you have a ton if offers...well if you can scale up correctly to facilitate the many opportunities then why wouldn't you do a ton of stuff?

There is this attitude of fear, where people wait for Telltale to screw up instead of enjoying the good stuff they put out. There will always be stinkers but if they're continually putting out mostly good stuff then let's be positive. Not blindly but rationally.

Specifically in regards to Minecraft, I think that by now we all should have learned that execution is where it really matters. Any idea can turn out great or crap so why poopoo this just because it sounds difficult to pull off on paper?

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I don't mind this at all. People seem to think there's one correct way to be a game studio, and that's to only release original intellectual property. I don't see why there isn't room for a studio that is great at what it does to use existing properties to tell great stories that they want to tell. I understand some are concerned with how prolific they are and whether that will affect quality but honestly I haven't seen them shitting the bed yet. They've always been a little hit or miss even before they grew and between the first season of the Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Borderlands they've had a strong track record.

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I don't know anything about trading in materials for vanguard or crucible marks (that doesn't make sense to me). They're materials for upgrading currently equipped weapons and loot. At the higher levels after completing missions and bounties the rare and legendary sets have a lot of upgradeable slots (press the triangle or Y button on a piece of armour or a weapon to see) and for many upgrades you have to have money (glimmer) as well as something like weapon parts or helium filaments or spinmetal which you get naturally as you play the game.

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This movie didn't look that interesting to me but this is really disappointing.

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"Fill ze pipeline wiz games!!"

"Fill ze games wiz working code!!"

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I feel like in the late 90's NVIDIA focused on the same thing that made Nintendo successful in the 80's: Reliability. I'm sure there are many people who have had issues with NVIDIA cards but overall when you look at how wild west software standards for 3D graphics were more people could rely on NVIDIA cards to work with more games. The introduction of people recommending options to each other on enthusiast sites as the internet started to mature probably accelerated the process.

Even looking at last year when many thought AMD would make a bigger comeback with better price/performance ratio than NVIDIA's 700 series the fact that NVIDIA cards ran using far less power and with a great stock cooler showed that the kinds of products they make are what the majority of enthusiast computer users want. I'm not saying that those who like other stuff are wrong or anything.

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@yukoasho: There's a good reason why we might see an Xbox downsize in 2015 and not a PS4 one. Large fabs like TSMC switched to 20nm manufacturing only shortly after the new consoles released. Switching to a lower cost 20nm part will allow the Xbox to maintain the lower price that has allowed them to keep up in the sales race with PS4 this holiday season, while also maintaining profit margins. That is a very big short term motivator. Due to Xbox's architecture switching to 20nm will probably allow them to switch to a much smaller cooling system, while PS4's architecture will not allow a low enough TDP upon switching to 20nm to create an opportunity for a slim version. PS4's are selling so well right now that it doesn't really matter anyway. There probably won't be a slim PS4 until 2 years from now when a 14-16nm part can be used to lower their TDP to the point where slimming down is possible.

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Maybe, but stand-up is a lot harder than people give it credit for. Just because someone is funny in conversation doesn't mean they can consistently pull together 15-30 minute sets (not that he'd use new material all the time lol). I think Jeff could practice up and do a good first set but after he runs through the best life stories is when it starts to get harder.