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Colouring your hair isn't that hard. Hair colour should never be a problem for anybody. Hell, even balding won't be a problem for long, there's insanely expensive procedures to correct that and it'll only come down with time. I bet that when we're all old, people will look at us the way we look at people before braces, saying "Man, people were way uglier than they are now!" In a few decades, the concept of being bald and staying that way will probably seem weird.

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I had a lot of fun with a lot of great games this year. Many of those were sequels.


That's not cool. Anyway, we all get annoyed sometimes amigo, the trick is to go masturbate.

What you guys don't understand is that I keep my cool by masturbating all the time, such as right now.

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Welcome back, good luck with your career!

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I had a lot of fun with a lot of great games this year. Many of those were sequels.

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I'm glad that this thing that is important to me is important to other people, because when other people don't seem to care about what's important to me it bums me out.

Uh, I mean, uh, logical thoughts...and, direction of the industry, and maybe, deserved recognition of quality in a disparate media landscape, and uh, crap.

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It's in my top 5 for sure. Sigh what a dumb fucking dude.

It's not just this thread. Every one of the guy's threads are like this.

Are you saying that this gentleman gets to be inducted as the 5th stooge in the increasingly large group of idiot thread posters on Giantbomb!?

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You've completely lost all credibility with me with the word "mediocre" in your post. Your perspective on the situation is skewed by your own feelings for the game, and you're looking for bias in the GB crew because their opinion "seems" to high in comparison to yours (which you obviously feel is the only correct one, given that you're judging the situation based on your perspective of the game). Bastion has won awards everywhere, including the shitty TV ones, so the general consensus of reviewers not affiliated in any way with Kasavin seem to be more in line with their perspective and less in line with yours. In light of the two above points, I'm concluding that you haven't thought this through at all.

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I agree that it's too bad how much handhelds are overlooked on GB, but that comes with the territory with only 5 guys on the team. KESSLER!

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I don't think the true arguments for and against SR3 have been made yet. When it comes time to discuss GOTY, they are going to get the attractive silliness out of the way and get into the gameplay itself a lot harder. Not that I'm saying the SR3 has bad game play, only that it's charm has only been discussed thus far and not the entirety of the experience.

That being said, Skyrim isn't exactly a flawless game when it comes to its own gameplay. Not to mention the massive number of bugs. They've even managed to break the game in some ways while trying to fix other problems.

That should also be taken into consideration.