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I laughed for three-and-a-half minutes straight. Great video.

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Last: Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

First: Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Don't ask me why I'm putting half of the big fall releases on the back burner for two GBA games I got because I bought a 3DS when it launched.

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@Fredchuckdave said:

Note: I gather the audience of this forum isn't too bright based on a received PM, that could just be the mod but knows.

I remember when I was 13, and thought that my intellect was superior to others. Then I grew up.

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I found the game to be alright. I would give it a 3 out of 5.

I really liked the combat system. I found the lengthy super linear progression tiring, and the open world stuff to be too little, too late. The story was ok, however the characters themselves were annoying. If the world opened up in the sequel then I could put up with the story and characters again to play it.

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I like it that JRPG's are different, but I find character tropes that heavily rely on anime targeted towards younger kids annoy me. Not anime in general, mind you, but anime that everyone in NA seems to like that is "shounen" or targeted towards pre-teens, or 12 year olds. Some games have excellent combat systems (FF13) but fall into this trap for me.

I don't have some magical formula to make JRPG's more successful in the west again, because I believe that the success of JRPG's in the 90's is a time and place thing, much like many other historical trends in gaming that won't necessarily be replicated again.

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It doesn't matter if the excuse is viable or not. The point is the game is broken. Does that hinder my enjoyment? Not too much. However, it's a completely valid argument.

This is the comment everyone should be reading.

On the 360 and the PC, for most people, the jank in the game is far outstripped by the excellence of the entire experience, to the point where to many people it is their game of the year. For many people playing the PS3 version, the bugs are game breaking enough the the entirety of the experience does not exceed those problems.

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Damn, if that isn't a really good looking thing. I still don't have much interest in it though.

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SR3, clearly. I'd be surprised if the conversation even lasted 5 minutes. If it did it would be redundant anyway.

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@Kierkegaard said:

@thabigred: Hey man, love the depth!
And you're totally right. Pick up the "I'm Different" turret on its way to "redemption" and it begins telling the story of Prometheus. Tartoros is not only on the walls of the deepest part of Aperture, that section also has a lot of burning equipment, adding to the torturous atmosphere. To go a little further with it, perhaps we could consider Cave Johnson Hades, judging the dead (Chell) before she is allowed to return to the surface. That everything down there is old and decrepit just adds to that. Don't see Cerberus around anywhere, though.
The Elysium stuff is brilliant--didn't even cross my mind.
The game is, of course, not merely an allegory for the Greek science myth. There are also some intense feminist issues going on. GLaDOS insults the player in a bitchy fashion, mocking Chell's weight and appearance and birthright, all petty anti-female attacks. When Wheatley takes over for GLaDOS? Her scream is a scream of total torment, almost like a rape. And then the two women conquer when they stop bickering and work together.
It's an awesome game with plenty of depth. A lot of artists don't discuss their inspirations or inner meanings. Thing about art is, interpretation by us is more important than judgment from the creator. If our interpretation holds up with the artwork, then it all works.
Portal 2 is also damn funny and fun to play. Still has this deep shit in it. People who are offended by in depth analysis worry me. Thinking is fun, y'all!

People like you who assume knowledge in their infinite inward spiral of analysis worry me, because people like you lack any semblance of perspective.

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Jeff doesn't look exactly right, but this is still a pretty awesome poster. Great job!