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November is new game month. September-October are the months for trying new features too late after the entire dry season has already passed at Giantbomb. C'mon, people!

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I thought the story was well done, but the gameplay was poor. Glacially slow, and frequent, random battles killed that game for me. I got 3/4 of the way through it and just stopped.

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No, you're not the only one.

You're never the only one.

Stop it.

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I think that you and I think alike, and since I am a raging narcissist I think that this post is great.

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C'mon guys, we all know that the real enjoyment derived from this series will be from the rage-filled commenters below the video. Remember the spitfire under two games that a lot of people hadn't played?

Imagine what the comment section will look like when so many people have spent dedicated hours in this thing. Glorious.

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Man, bows look so much fun in this game. I wanted to like them in Oblivion but they were definitely the worst way to play that game.

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And in the future, nerds could no longer play video games because they are only designed for our planets top athletes. Nerds began playing backgammon for pleasure.

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The penis shirt is hilarious and also impossible to wear in public. The others look good.

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If they created and implemented multiplayer it probably would have been a $60 game, and it probably would have been very poorly received because of it. They have most likely profited more from taking the road that they did.

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Ryan reminded me of Matt Kessler a lot in this clip.