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Things will transpire that will confound us, confuse us, perplexify our senses! These events will be unexplainable, clarity will be unattainable, comments shall be unavailable!! Answers will be sought, disclosure will be bought, interpretation will be wrought, elucidation won't be caught!!! THERE, WILL, BE...

E3 Mysteries.

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The hell's wrong with you?

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I know this sounds crazy to all of you, but I can't decide if I dislike or not. It's got that "The Social Network" style with a coherent colour scheme that I like. Then I look at it again and I hate the advertisements for game content on the front cover and all the compulsory logos on the bottom.

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These should somehow find their way onto the Giant Bomb store so that I can buy them.

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It was either the first or second KOTOR, and I got up early at 6am to start playing and then stopped at 8pm when my family continually suggested I stop (thankfully). I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner in between so it wasn't one straight block but it was basically 13 hours or so.

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I've been watching E3 since 2007, and Mr. Caffeine is the worst thing that I can think of right now.

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@Petiew said:

@Soapy86: What are you talking about? Giantbomb boasts some of the most interesting topics on the internet. "How do I talk to this girl", "I just had a dream about Vinny ", "I hate Patrick/Alex #54", "lol I drove home drunk because I was cold" and "I just had liquid nitrogen pumped onto my buttocks"

"I had a dream about Vinny" made me laugh.

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Man, that fight scene looks really corny. Everything looks so telegraphed and obvious.

Edit: The end was better, but those first 5 minutes were really boring, other than the camera work.

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I remember really liking that game when I was 11 so I don't know if this is actually a good thing.

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Well that was a disheartening story.