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I liked playing Borderlands solo and really like playing B2 coop with my brother. Reading your first experience reminds me of mine.

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I don't have anything good to say other than don't think about it, but...yeah. You can't go through life afraid of stuff you have no control over.

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Definitely in the lab at school in one of the primary grades. At home I first remember using CheatCC for Final Fantasy 7 walkthroughs (the PC version whatup) and before that watching my brother look up help for White Wolf, because goddamnit White Wolf.

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The new Nvidia 970 on the Maxwell architecture looks like its your best pick if you're willing to spend $350 or so.

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At some point I see what worldwide collectible or two I have to hoard to get 100% and my interest drops to zero. I like to experience all of what I perceive to be "content".

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Kill a puppy. Every time.

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Watch more movies and read more books. I already do plenty of both.

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I bought a 3DS at launch and definitely didn't get good value for the money, although owning it wasn't a complete waste. I've never made a video game purchase I thought was awful. For the 3DS I mostly played The Sims 3 which I got with the device, and one of the Fire Emblem games (the easier one) which I of course enjoyed a lot. I decided I just didn't have enough time in the day to play alot of games on I in addition to my home consoles and sols it...only to buy a Vita earlier this year for FFX. The Vita is great for remote play and I'm happy with it.

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Fuck yeah, crazy money for financial security AND peace of mind by getting out of the spotlight of this crazy culture. Good on you, Markus, and have a great life.

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My brother and I had a lot of fun playing through BL2 and a most of the DLC together (we gave up before beating some of those huge bosses) so I can safely say that I'm more interested in this game than I've been for Destiny.