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Putting aside my wants, for some reason I think Rockstar will bring forth a new IP.

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@wlleiotl: Or maybe they weren't wrong, and an easier difficulty is perfect for them. The difficulty you like isn't going away.

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@ripelivejam: My brother will never buy an HTC phone again regardless of new information due to his experience with the HTC Sensation during HTC's darker years. He's not technologically illiterate or anything and keeps up with tech news, but he was so soured that he doesn't care what they put out anymore.

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I don't have a ton of anecdotal data for you, but this website will probably do a better job than I could:

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All reviews for this game: "Lolololololol"

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@falserelic: I remember being praised a lot during grades 1-3 for how smart I was and for how talented I was at writing and drawing. I remember during standardized tests (EQAO) for Ontario students in grade 3, trying to live up to that by writing some long creative writing piece that would blow the pants off anything my teacher had ever seen, and then needing a week long extension just to finish. From grade 4 onward the procrastination and late homework began.

I remember reading in a magazine a few years ago about a study where two groups of kids were praised differently: One was praised for being really intelligent, the other for working very hard. Both groups took two identical tests before the different motivating methods were applied. After, the two groups were presented with the opportunity to take either an easier test, a test of equal difficulty to the last test, and a harder test. The former group gravitated to the easier tests, and the latter group went for the harder tests. They learned that kids from the former group wanted to maintain the perception of being intelligent and took easier tests to ensure that continued, while the group praised for working hard wanted to fulfill that narrative by tackling greater challenges and overcoming them.

I sometimes wonder whether the above study has something to do with how I developed as a child, but then I feel guilty that I'm blaming outside forces when I can always choose to work harder and should just stop slacking.

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@sinusoidal: Haha thanks for the catch. I'm typing on a Surface 2 which I use as my primary computer and I really need to turn off the tablet-style auto-correct.

Also I just read your thing on Lightning Returns above, and your not-very-relaxing, sort-of anxious experience trying to max completion when it's ultimately futile reminds me of trying to use a guide during my first play through of FFX-2 remastered. I mistakenly believed that the bulk of the happy ending was locked behind 100% completion and not some throwaway bonus scene, and played that entire game not having much fun just to get 99.2% and watch the extra bit on YouTube anyway.

And then have all of that be ruined by the exceedingly annoying audio drama.

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I always regret not working harder in school. When I look back at the time I spent in school, the me of that time would have regretted missing out on all the video games I played when I was younger. The me of that time was rather short sighted.

I've since learned that my lack of effort being put into things goes beyond video games but I struggle to overcome it. I listen to a lot of the Nerdist podcast where a constant point is brought up about working extremely hard at something your passionate about, but I often wonder whether I'm not passionate about anything, or whether my lifetime of consuming media has caused me to not see a passion because I'm constantly thinking about and viewing media content. I'm not extremely poor or unhappy but I feel like if I don't find some momentum in my life during the next 10 years then I'm going to be very unhappy in my 40's.

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I bought Call of Duty 3 after I had gotten COD 2 with my Xbox 360 on launch day and had countless hours of great memories with. I bought COD 3 before I began more intensely following online coverage of games and got it exclusively off my experience with COD 2. Needless to say I was very disappointed.

Deus Ex Invisible War was a another game I bought due to my experience with it's predecessor Deus Ex (one of my favourite games of all time) and even longer before I paid attention to online games coverage. I remember being frustrated after blowing all my bullets in one firefight very early on in the game and having zero resources for the remainder. I didn't have a lot of fun.

Amped 2 did not live up to my experience with Amped. Contrary to most others on the internet I was not a fan of Amped's moving from zen to zany, and had greatly enjoyed carving the (at the time) beautiful slopes set to the sounds of my uploaded soundtracks.

I never played it, but the new Ninja Gaiden series that includes basically my favourite game of all time (Black) completely lost me at 3. Crummy but to be honest I don't' hold any bad feelings. Once a series doesn't interest me anymore I don't get mad about it. I just move on to other things.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Nothing against this game's execution but I was a massive fan of the Jedi Knight games and their analogue, but less stylish looking approach to combat and level design. The force powers were mildly entertaining to me but the repeat bashing lightsaber combat killed my enjoyment for the game.

I can't remember exactly what early 360 much game it was, but after playing a ton of MechWarrior 3 in my earlier days I found an updated game on a gameplay to be uninteresting.

Writing that out made me feel whiny but considering the sheer amount of games I've played its a relatively tiny list. Most games I choose to play, I enjoy!