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Too bad he doesn't think the GB guys like him that much but given his relationship with Leah Alexander and Stephen Totilo I can see his relationship with Patrick being a little awkward. He always seemed to come off well in the big E3 podcasts but maybe off-camera they just don't gel really well. Oh well, everybody won't like everybody.

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Spec Ops: The Line

Mirror's Edge

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Tales of Vesperia

Red Dead Redemption

The Witcher 2

Far Cry 3

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Giant Bomb is a slow loader, apparently. I blame Sleepy Brad.

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Cool! Also this should probably be under the FF14 forum, not general discussion.

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Can they just fuck up a little bit more? I'd like Reach remastered if that's okay.

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I don't know about high school but my Mom was an elementary school teacher for over 30 years and that can be tough, especially in a climate where parents have all the power and their direct boss (the principal) never backs up their staff. I'm not all for corporal punishment or anything but hearing about having to capitulate constantly to lunatic parents sounded rough.

It wasn't all bad though, my Mom had great classes and students she loved. Increasing bureaucracy, complete adherence to a sort-of silly standardized provincial test curriculum, and lack of power over crazy parents definitely wore her down.

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@monkeyking1969: I wish I had a link or something but the bulk of most movies earnings are still in the box office, especially an expensively marketed movie.

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Were there any non-AAA games that really stood out this year? (Kind of a silly question when I say it like that). This seems like a kind of year where there isn't a AAA game that really knocked everyone's socks off.

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@zeeman155: You say "prove" twice in your comment, and it sounds like you're prescribing a character trait on a company where it doesn't make any sense. How do you think Telltales current situation reflects on then in such a way as to make you think they're only doing this because they have something to "prove"?

Look, the way it's happening to Telltale is the way it happens to a lot of people/entities in entertainment. Your company is full of talented and hard working people who take every chance you get and have a ton of dream ideas you're chomping at the bit for. When the big break happens and suddenly you have a ton if offers...well if you can scale up correctly to facilitate the many opportunities then why wouldn't you do a ton of stuff?

There is this attitude of fear, where people wait for Telltale to screw up instead of enjoying the good stuff they put out. There will always be stinkers but if they're continually putting out mostly good stuff then let's be positive. Not blindly but rationally.

Specifically in regards to Minecraft, I think that by now we all should have learned that execution is where it really matters. Any idea can turn out great or crap so why poopoo this just because it sounds difficult to pull off on paper?