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When I go to the Endurance Run section of the video part of the site, and try to look at the earlier videos by using the page numbers at the bottom, it links me to the DSi unboxing video.  I'm running Windows Vista, IE 8.  Thanks.
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The list I was creating kept getting messed up by the awful slowness at the moment.  However, that was a foregone conclusion.
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@BRINKTheMovieMyFavoriteMovie said:
" @Levio: I don't think you understand what a microtransaction is "

This the same guy who made a HUGE deal about DLC and wouldn't shut up about it a few months back.  Don't mind him, he'll go away if you don't talk to him.
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lol why'd the old lady kick him?
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Still Family Guy for me, although it has become less good oer time.
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This has been discussed in more than one thread already.
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She is probably just being transferred.  It's impossible to fire a professor.
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Obama is conspiring to give your telephone numbers to martians, who will then call you and make you listen to space static until you hang up.  FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES! 
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Dude this game doesn't stretch just sucks.  I played it.  It's clunky, the dialogue and story are half assed and terrible, and the graphics are sub-last gen.  There's a reason it's the joke of the gaming world.  You people act like it's some great art experiment or something.
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Boxer Briefs, don't get all unorganized when I get started with the exercise.