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@SethNAbel said:
" @AlwaysAngry said:
" >_____________________________________________________________________________________________>    I don't know how to respond to you yet, but I know I don't like you. "
Is it because I signed in using Facebook? I don't blame you. "

Alot of really short and uninformative blogs are put on forums so people can get the quest points, and several users are getting tires of it.
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It sold really well, but I'm personally kind of over Final Fantasy.  Since this gen, Oblivion, ME 1 & 2, and Dragon Age have given me better experiences than any Squeenix offerings.
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Stealing horses is fun, I do it on weekends.
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I love tacko's, but do not have large breasts, so I guess it'll never work out for the two of us flyer guy.  
Edit:  But he did shake Barack Obama's hand...twice...that means Obama thought he was worthy of a round two...hmmm.....
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A love of cowboys must be an American thing, as a Canadian I don't really see the appeal (well, those in Alberta would, but they just pretend they're cowboy's).
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Cnet is pretty good, and none of Whiskey's Sites are big enough to directly compete with bigger sites anyway.  Even Giantbomb fills a niche, and doesn't compete directly with bigger sites that review more games and spit out more news faster.  Tested doesn't review every product under the sun like cnet, and I screened will likely never be put on the same pedestal as more well known movie reviewers. 
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Mass Effect 2?  Anyone? 
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I don't care, because Nier is below par for most Square Enix games anyway.
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This makes sense to me, Ubisoft wouldn't want to have a modern ACIII right after they released Splinter Cell. 
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I can't throw down these flags fast enough baby!