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Team VJ has funnier commentary, therefore Team VJ wins.  However, I shall be watching both, so I will have no life for the next few months.
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This is a fake site.  It was also the site that the fake shit about Dante's Inferno and that We Pray game were on.  C'mon people, you're embarrassing yourselves.
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@PantyshotMQN said:
"oooh, tough. Um... The first Halo. "

@floodiastus said:
" @Chirag4 said:
signed! "
Lol all these games have a shit TON of fans, try again? 
   Tropico  2
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COD 2, I got my 360 on launch day.
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I...can't watch the whole thing, can you tell me when Jeff comes on?
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I believe nothing at all about playing video games is "hard core".  Calling someone a "hard core" gamer is practically an insult.  I love playing video games, but jeezus, stop trying to make it sound super cool or something. 
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CE:  5 Stars - Gameplay was fluid and fun to play on a console, and the multiplayer design made it a game I played with friends for years.
2: 4 stars - I didn't hate the capaign as much as other did, although Arbiter levels never interested me much.  The online multiplayer, however, set the console standard until COD 4.
3: 4 stars - A much more polished capaign than 2's with a servicable ending, however the graphics were a bit of a letdown.  Multiplayer was a solid and mostly predictable expansion on 2, but by then I was pretty much done with it. 
Haven't yet played ODST or Halo Wars. 

In total, Halo is a great series that never really lost it's footing.  It's style of FPS gameplay kind of lost the crown when COD 4 took over, so unless new games take it in an incredible new direction, I think it's time is mostly over.

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PC Final Fantasy 7 
Super Battleship for the SNES
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I played through ME2 for a second time, and I cruised through it no problem.  I really, really like Mass Effect though.