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Y'know Microsoft, if this happens to you more than once, maybe the problem's on your end... 
I wouldn't even play MMO's on my 360, but this definitely sucks for all those who would.
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Sounds like he might be really good with boats.

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Thanks for the heads up man, I just finished downloading it from steam, and am about to start playing.
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It's true that Nintendo may have gotten some inspiration from Apple products, but almost the entire tech industry has taken a page out of apples book.  Apple's clean and uncluttered style is easy to get behind. 
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Lol it's funny that you ask, because me and my brother started the "Under 100 club" for Facebook friends.  Meaning we don't know over 100 people well enough to actually call them good friends, so instead of having like 345 aqcuaintances, we mercilessly cut down our friends list!  Bwahaha!!  So yeah, I've cut Facebook friends like Jason on a good weekend.
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I should add that the first game has awesome credits, and are even better when seen after a playthrough.  Actually, heard, because it's the song that's awesome.
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I have an brother 4 years my senior and we're pretty much best friends.  I have twin younger sisters and I get on great with them as well.  I dunno man, sucks about your situation.  I really like living with people that I like ( weird sentence go?)

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RDR is for people who really love open world games.  It's well realised, but I can see why people wouldn't like it.  I don't enjoy the GTA games outside of playing down cheats and taking a tank around for a spin (although the story is really good). 
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I would say that the second is alot more fun if played directly after ME1, and the first game doesn't take that long if you just do the main quest line.  Also, play "Bringing Down the Sky" if you play number 1, it's great.
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I played it at a friends house for a few hours, and if you've got nothing else you want more right now I'd say do it.  However, if you're not going to be playing it for a little while anyway, I'd just wait for the Boxing week mega sale and get it cheaper then.