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" @luce said:
" OP comes off as being overly defensive about a sub par budget game with cult appeal "
That's just it - it's a cult game.  It's exactly why you have reviews being all over the place with sites like 1UP and Destructoid loving it while IGN and Gamecritics hate it.  Hell, it's why you have such a huge disparity between Jeff and Vinny who seem totally into it and Brad and Ryan who treat the game like it's some kind of horrible chore forced upon them.  I'm with you that the OP might be being a bit too defensive, but I can see where he's coming from.  It's not like this game is completely without merit; the problem is that most of the people saying the game is just completely terrible are basing it off the Endurance Runs... which have shown the first forty-five minutes of a game that, kind of like Persona, is a bit of a slow starter and has yet to get completely insane. "

Dude, do you not read human voices?  Vinny and Jeff are not into the game because it's good, they're treating the whole thing as a joke because it's so goddamn bad
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Are you people watching the Endurance Run right now?  If you can't tell that it's terrible, notice that the only reason people say "It's so bad that it's good" is because they can't help but laugh at it's awfulness.  It's not actually fun to play, it's bad in the same way Big Rigs was, except not broken so you can actually play it.
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@Daveyo520 said:
" @Brendan:  It is really just and Archduke's name. I don't think the band could do much. "

Exactly, the Archduke could sue us.  Betcha didn't think of that, did ya??
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@Toxin066 said:
" @Sleepy_Insomniac:   oh hell yes. Franz Kerdinand. XD "

Y'know what would be good for site traffic?  A publicized lawsuit.  Not joking either, this shirt should totally get made.
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Happy to see Deus Ex up there, I played through that game approximately 1,000,000 times back in the day.
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I was hoping there would be a little more challenge and variety to the missions, but, they were free, so whatevs.  Best DLC for Mass Effect so far is still Bringing Down the Sky from ME1.
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"either way, no matter what you guys prefer, we all will be whistling this annoying, annoying ... awesome stupid tune :) "

Already done, good sir.   
The OP's idea is a fine suggestion, but I like to start with VJ and follow up with BR.  The finding stuff out with hilarious commentary part first, than the quicker and easier to swallow version after to flesh it out.
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The OP made "sometimes" 10 to 20 times a day?!  Christ, that's messed up.
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" @Brendan said:
" Lol at Canada's world beating rape record.  I'm so proud... "
Keep in mind someone needs to report a sexual assault before a number gets added. Many rape victims still keep quiet about it, for various reasons. "


True, I suppose that means Canadian women just overcome their fears and let it be known, well done to them.
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Those are all awesome games, but if you were me, you'd pick ME2 :)  However you are you, so it's up to you, you.