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(I'm not an American)  Probably not, but all the bullshit and cost that would go into changing it would not be worth it.  Talk to me in 150 years or so.  And if we can accomplish talking in 150 years, let's high five as well. 
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@Pinworm45 said:
"This thread is full of so much terrible that I actually think this might be the point where the rollercoaster that is Giant Bomb Forums begins it's descent towards completely terrible.  Oh well, I didn't think it'd last, it never does. "

People have said that every two months for over a year and a half now.  They make dramatic blogs about it and then leave. 
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I bought Mass Effect 1 when I got my new laptop, and but Mass Effect 2 was coming out, I bought ME1 for the Xbox.  I couldn't play ME2 on my computer, so I played through the original again on the console so that I could have the full experience.
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@Aaox said:
"I haven't got a gun. I got knives and a sword, though. A more elegant weapon for a more civilised time, some might. Say. Some might say. "

I have taken history classes on those times.  They were not. . . They were not.
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I haven't gotten to get online yet (still plugging away at the campaign with what little time I have) but this makes me hopeful for a day when I will finally don a headset on Live.
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Irate Killah
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Since when would one glitch make Halo a "glitchy ass game"?  Here's a tip:  Don't make threads when you're emotional.   
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Deadly Premonition zealots weird me out.  You people are like Dynasty Warrior fans:  Sure in the end it's subjective, but in no way does your opinion make any sense to 99% of sane human beings.
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Any female character with armor that is meant to titillate while also trying to still be armor.  It doesn't make any sense.
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I find his lightning speed, neverending assault of words entertaining.  I don't actually laugh much, but I am entertained.