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Please, more people should do lots and lots of drugs.  It makes getting high paying jobs that much easier :)
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I glance at the number, then read the review.  I then laugh at comments about people complaining about the number.  (Insert Blazblue fanboy joke here).
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The tone of the OP is obvious, and the same across all of Japan:  He doesn't like Mass Effect 2, or anything else Western because it's not Japanese.  It's the same kind of attitude Japan has always had, and will always have.  They will eat shit if it's branded wth a Japanese company symbol, just as there is a section of the western public that only buy products that are "American".  Useless thread is useless.

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I shall repeat the wisdom of those before me:  Third party support, third party support, third party support.
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  • This morning, from top to bottom: 

  • Apple Cinnamon Cheerioes
  • Life
  • Shreddies
  • Raisin Bran
  • Corn Flakes
  • Mini Wheats
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@SeriouslyNow said:
" Dedicated serbians. "

Hahahahahaha.  Dedicated serbians.  And antigravity polish.  Why not?
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I loved every syllable of it. 
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For crying out loud dude, increased expectations.  Obviously they're not being compared on the same level, seeing as how FFX-2 came out last generation.  FFXIII is being judged by todays standards, much different than 2003's or whenever, but with the same 100 point scale.
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@natetodamax said:
"My minda kinda sorta blew.  Also, duplicate thread. "

Really?  I made this while the Bombcast was airing, so I didn't think there would be any others.  My bad.
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The Sony Defense force sounds alot like the Wii Defense force in this thread, and it's probably what the Natal Defense force are going to sound like when that comes out.  These things will not find mainstream success, they will be moderately sucessfull add-ons at best.