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Looking at this thread makes me glad I don't live in Japan.  Too...much...polite refusal all the time...neverending exchanges...gah! 
Edit:  Not saying that this thread has anything to do with Japan, it just got me thinking.
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I would agree that the newer sites have a large portion of their audience coming from Giantbomb, but with time their userbase will grow as well. 
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I don't thinkiti was a good idea to make this thread before the game came out man.  You are asking a question to a bunch of people who haven't played the game yet.  All you were ever going to get was flameboy responses.
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I'm not very knowledgeable about table-top games, but it's a pretty niche market to make a website about.  It would probably struggle to get any traffic.
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I didn't buy ODST because I felt a little worn out of Halo after numero 3, but I am totally down to buy Halo:Reach.  The meat of my Live multiplayer experience was always in Halo games,and I have enjoyed it more than any other on the system.   
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Once again, one idiot/dumbass who subbed made a stupid comment, and an entire thread is started by someone who didn't sub.  This trend is ridiculous. 
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Y'know the Bombcast is whole once again right? 
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I'm glad we got over this, and ya know what?  I feel like Whiskey can move on after an experience with making mistakes on handling the community when making changes.  Now subscribers get something new, as they always should have been, and everyone gets the bombcast they want togethor, at the same time!  Progress!
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@whitesox said:
"I am no longer worried about this debacle anymore, and disregarding any respect I may have lost for the GB guys, or Whiskey in general, I'm glad we can all be friends again....until the next dividing issue, anyway. "

*Presses hug button*
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Well, feeling good is better than feeling bad, so it's good that you're feeling good I suppose.  Good good.