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I didn't play any HL2 content until I purchased the OB, and although I did enjoy the games very much, the pacing did put a serious kink (especially a lot of the vehicle stuff) in my interest in large parts of the original HL2.   
I agree to a certain extent the complaints about dated controls, and I think the hounding on Will about ironsights is a little misplaced.  The argument wasn't really about that specifically, it was about making the controls feel more modern, where ironsights was just an example.  I don't think all modern shooters have to play the same, and that they largely depend on the type and number of enemies the game throws at you at any given moment, but I expect HL 3 to make things tighter at the very least.   
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Favourite:  Bombcast 
Least Favourite:  Trivia
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Wait for's the show stopper... 


Emmanuelle Chriqui
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I find that model type actresses of the minute hurt my enjoyment of films, although there several that have genuine talent.  Actors like Nic Cage get a bad rap because they star in bad movies more than because they're terrible at acting, and comedians that turn to acting mostly have one or two funny films before their stand up style becomes worn out on the silver screen.  I don't actually hate any hollywood types, and I frankly find the whole internet nerd rage over perceived "ego" (when they don't even know the person at all) to be a little lame.   

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I genuinely do not understand the sentiment that Ryan hates everything, and is simply too jaded to appreciate new ideas.  I believe if anyone that shares that sentiment watched, or listened, to any of the E3 content they would have seen Ryan get excited and enthusiastic about plenty of stuff.  He's realistic in his views and doesn't try to sugarcoat anything, and I appreciate that.  Since he reviews things that people might be spending a lot of money on, you'd think people would want that.
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Loved it.  Want more of  it.
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I enjoy video games more after a workout, because I feel like my physical karma is keepin in check. 
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The battles themselves were both slightly uninteresting and unexciting, but the better story in KOTOR 1 made for a boss battle that meant more to the story.
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Notice how every game that you don't like, that also happens to be very successfull, is overrated?  Maybe it's not overrated, but you still just don't like it.  This recent trend is becoming stale already.
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Mini Wheats for the single cereal type. 
But I love all those Mueslix, oats and fruit and granola cluster mix cereals the best.  Y'know, the expensive girly cereals :)