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I believe nothing at all about playing video games is "hard core".  Calling someone a "hard core" gamer is practically an insult.  I love playing video games, but jeezus, stop trying to make it sound super cool or something. 
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CE:  5 Stars - Gameplay was fluid and fun to play on a console, and the multiplayer design made it a game I played with friends for years.
2: 4 stars - I didn't hate the capaign as much as other did, although Arbiter levels never interested me much.  The online multiplayer, however, set the console standard until COD 4.
3: 4 stars - A much more polished capaign than 2's with a servicable ending, however the graphics were a bit of a letdown.  Multiplayer was a solid and mostly predictable expansion on 2, but by then I was pretty much done with it. 
Haven't yet played ODST or Halo Wars. 

In total, Halo is a great series that never really lost it's footing.  It's style of FPS gameplay kind of lost the crown when COD 4 took over, so unless new games take it in an incredible new direction, I think it's time is mostly over.

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PC Final Fantasy 7 
Super Battleship for the SNES
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I played through ME2 for a second time, and I cruised through it no problem.  I really, really like Mass Effect though.
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I like RandomInternetPerson's incognito style.  I choose him. 

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@crunchUK said:
"South park isn't very funny. it's just a bunch of OMG POPULAR PRODUCTZ AND TOPICZ IN MAI CARTOON LOLOLOL. Family guy is way funnier.  ...  Inb4 shitstorm  "

Then why did you post on this board?  It's like hearing a conversation near you about something you don't like, shoving your way into the group, and then making yourself into a jackass.  Just don't post, it's not that hard. 
Anyway, I thought the episode was alright, nothing will ever top "The startling" for me.
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I was just going to say guide button.  My second Mass Effect 2 playthrough on Renegade was interrupted for dinner, so I just hit the guide button and I was good to go.
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The Endurance Run is like "Not Like This" or the Star Trek thing.  It's pretty clear that it was a one time feature, based on the timing of the particular game and Jeff and Vinny's interest in it.  They do alot of features like the Endurance Run, and they will continue to do so, but they probably won't call it the Endurance Run. 

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Technically "video games", although my avatar is so badass that he could pop out of the game and kill you, making him a real life badass, which also puts him in "other".

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A whiny thread about a PR guy doing his job in the most vanilla way possible.  Nice one, you should be proud.