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She's the new breed of music star.  Not a star because her music pushes the envelope, but because her clothes push the envelope.  Sad world.
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I actually cannot wait for this to happen. 
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I would love to see that book, but at the end of the day special editions just aren't for me.  I am, however, prepared to eat my foot if the Mass Effect 3 special edition is awesome enough.
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I'm completely lost. 
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I'm a leo now...sure.
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I came in to this thread looking for a quick laugh, I came out ever more dissapointed at the tools who make the forums a darker place :(
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I'm both a nerd and not really I guess.  I mean, I don't wear white sunglasses indoors or wear pink shirts with my collar popped, but I enjoy going out with friends, I've had (some) success with the opposite sex, and I've played sports all my life.  At the same time, I've always loved playing games, so I've hung out with nerds as much as sports guys as well.  I do well in my classes in Uni and work hard at that, so I don't try to be a slacker. 
Actually, you know what?  Fuck that, I'm totally a nerd, but a socially acceptable one I guess haha.
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Just blasted through the prequel novel before I played the game.  Can anyone tell me if I will spot anything in the game relating to the book?  No spoilers if you can, just tell me you can't say anything about it if avoiding spoilers is impossible.
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I agree that the elevator screens were cool in ME1, but it's an impossible problem for Bioware to solve.  People want less loading time, but they also want the elevator stuff back in.  You just can't have both. 
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Christ that sounds intense, how can they give that away for free??  It sounds like a metric ton of man hours was put into it.