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I would gladly give money to charity for such a good cause.
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It's hard to say.  Honestly, although I love videogames, I don't think they're very beneficial.  That's not to say that I think kids should spend all their time studying or doing flash cards or something, but gaming is really just a hobby that makes you sit on the couch.  It's a perfectly okay part of a balanced lifestyle (grrrrrrreat line!) but if I had kids I would rather they play outside and get excercise (not that I would force them all the time).
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Whoops.  I totally forgot to get him a shirt.  Will the items still be on XBL, and if so, will money still go to Child's Play even though the "contest" is over?
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I'm going to have to jump on the bandwagon for The Road.  I don't have a lot of experience with post-apocalyptic fiction, but that book was recommended to me and I really enjoyed it.
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I will buy depending on how I feel once I've learned more about it.  I think that, unless you just dislike shooters, it's pretty silly to say you will definitely know or not know whether you will buy it with only a vague knowledge of the actually contents of the disc.
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Remember that scene near the beginning of the Jet Li movie "Hero", where his dad decides not to beat the crap out of the weaker man because it makes him weaker?  It's the same situation here.  It's not about being a man, it's about being the better person.  I consider hitting a women the same as hitting a kid or hitting an extremely weak individual.  It just makes you a weaker person.  (Not that all women are weaker than me by any means, I know a couple who could kick my ass)     
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Awesome work once again, dude. 
I tihnk your idea to animate the crew a little more could make it better, but as it is now, it actually falls a little short of the first video.  You could go either way, rather spend a little more time learning how to animate them correctly or go back to the previous method.  No matter what, you are one cool dude for doing this.
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Agreed as far as the dumb "HAHAHA DNF LOL CAN'T WAIT!" responses on threads go.  It's a joke with a punchline that's long stopped being funny.  Personally I could not care less Duke, he is a figment of the past and a (probably) middle of the road game of the future.  Whoop-de-fucking-doo.
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I was on the team, so it was somewhat required of me to show up.  Fun times, fun times.  Except for that one dude who wouldn't let up with the butt slap thing.  That was not cool.  Why do people even do that.  It makes no sense.
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You guys are pissing me off with all your different games.  I am still stuck at that point in FF7 when after the Gold Saucer race you're just plunked outside.  Playing it on the PC is a bitch too, it keeps skipping and junk.  My PC probably won't be able to run DNF :(  Maybe I'll ask my mom for a new graphics card.