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For sure, thanks for the link man, the pop in is seconds long and it's on the pc.  I shall check it out.
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I've actually got the disk version, but the pop-in is pretty brutal, to the point of making the important cut-scenes less so because of the distraction.  ME2 certainly cleaned up it's act on that one.
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I did the exact same thing you did, and you're totally right.  ME1 looks janky as all get out.
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The only thing worth having in that package is the Garrus costume.  If you could buy only that for $0.66 I would actually be all over that.
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@crusader8463 said:
" @PlasmaMachine said:
" Financially, it's a bit crazy. I mean Joey has to trade in the previous car for only half the value he originally paid for, not to mention he is paying full price for the new car he is going to be racing. That's NASCAR robbery, he should get a sponsor for Amazon or Goozex, where he gets better deals and values with his car sponsorships. "
I see what you did there.   At first i was all like "Wait did i not read something in the article?" But then i was all like "Ohhhhhhhh! I see what you did there!". "

I also saw what he did there, after a period of not knowing what he did there.
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The U.S. is in a weird place to me on this issue.  Most people in most countries around the world live their lives perfectly fine without owning an armory "to protect themselves".  From...the streetgangs, or that guy that might break into your house at night and try to murder you, but you having that gun will totally save you there, since you'll keep it right under your pillow. 
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I only played one character for Oblivion.  111 hours. 
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I don't like 13 as much as I liked 10, because games have gotten better since then.
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I don't do drugs, and I could give up drinking if the alternative was being a vegetarian.
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I've never found summons particularly useful in RPG's.  They always take up too many resources (magic or whatever) for what they're worth.  I have not played FF13, however.