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I said nah, but only because as an engineer, Dave's job means that he probably has tons of non Giantbomb specific work to do and can't always be on the Bombcast.
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He was in a few good movies, and he also happens to be a fucking nut job.  I get drunk all the time, and I don't spew disgusting shit like that.  His drunken rants peel back the curtain on who really is, and I although I didn't really care about him before, I care about him even less so now.
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I heard about it on the news, then listened to it on the Jim Rome show.  Dude was a big deal in the world of baseball.  RIP.
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Nope, I look forward to making something of myself.  I work/study hard and enjoy the chance to be successfull, personally.
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Where do you keep your games?  Do you have a storage closet or basement room you can box them in?  Are you a collector who wants them all on display?  Are you the guy who should just get rid of them and save yourself the hassle?  SO MANY QUESTIONS!
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I believe what you are referring to are Wii sports titles, not HD consoles, right?  HD consoles with pads are just in a transition phase right now where they're trying to implement the kinds of delicate and complex moves pro athletes use (ex. trick stick, etc.) as opposed ot the old direct style of pass and shoot games without the realistic finesse of pro sports.  It's a tough job, and these guys have to do it every year.
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The PS2 owned the last generation, so it received the most 3rd party support, and therefore got the larger portion of top quality games.  That in itself isn't a huge factor this gen, because alot of those games are still coming out on the PS as well as the 360.  The experiences are different than you would remember last gen because the amount of work put into HD games means that there is less room for longer experiences from "top tier" titles.
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Welcome to the squad, mate.
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@FreakAche said:
" @fowlowl26 said:
" @vunna: master chiefs daily schedule= shooting aliens  shepards daily schedule= shooting aliens "
I'm Master Chief and this is my favorite thread on Giant Bomb. "

They are the same!
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Try e-harmony, I've heard they have a great system for paring down your pool of possible matches ;)