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" infamous is the better game, but alex would rip cole apart in 2 seconds "
this "

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No sir, Brendan is my one and only name.
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Hamilton, Ontario.  802.11 N wireless, only 15 ft. away from broadband connection. 
Oh, right, and I'm experiencing hiccups now and again, and the video's cut out early most of the time.
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If they're fighting on earth, no matter how strong Goku is, Superman is invincible unless Goku brings out kryptonite, so I choose Superman.
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I don't play any MMO's, I'm just commenting because your constant references to bread make me laugh.  Thank you.
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@Three0neFive said:
"Man, I love how you think you're cool/funny for making fun of a game you probably have no experience with, based on an incredibly small amount of people who play it that happen to be crazy.  You're such a tool. "
Uh, hey buddy, he's not making fun of WoW, he's clearly making fun of how dumb the people involved were.  Take it easy.

"Isn't this about the internet more then World of Warcraft? "

Haha yeah, I was thinking that this actually doesn't really have much to do with WOW other than the fact that it being the centerpiece of the story makes it more hilarious.  
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You mean small wayne?  minscule wayne?  mini wayne?   
micro wayne? 
nano wayne? 
short wayne? 
tiny wayne? 
wee li'il wayne? 
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Well thought out, of course, but you seem to be misinformed a little on the success of Sony excelusives this year.  They did sell really well, and just because MW2 trumped everything does not mean that everything else failed. 
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As someone who has exercised/played sports his whole life, I mightily approve of this blog.