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As someone who has been around anything Ryan has been involved in for years, this comes as a complete shock and news I was not prepared to hear. It still doesn't seem real to me. I have such great memories of back in the Gamespot, to Arrow Pointing Down, to GiantBomb. Ryan will be greatly missed. Anything that can be done to help his family please let this community know. Rest in peace Ryan, you will be loved forever.

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I. AM. CANADIAN! (drinks my Molson Canadian)

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Hmmm. As a fellow Canadian pointed out, there is very little incentive for Canadians to get the subscription. I have millions of shirts, rarely see ads, and I don't mind them anyway. I have an iPhone but would not need to use a mobile site. The podcast pisses me off. Not just about the subscription though, also the fact that they are splitting it up really grinds my gears. 

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This bombcast thing is really dissapointing. I will probably end up subscribing, but like. Man. Tough call. 

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Hmm, well my sister is going off to college and wants an xbox. Maybe i will sell her mine for a nominal fee and buy this one. 

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@TwoOneFive: So, because you got to shoot dead nazis MW2 is a bad game because you can't? Well, if that is the way you judge games based on what they DON'T have, compared to what they do then to each is own. 
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@wfolse1 said:
" @Vinchenzo said:
" Looks bad. Never buying another CoD game again. Modern Warfare 2 was great, but Treyarch can't make a decent game and the core CoD makers are pretty much gone. "  
Nope.  MW2 was horrible, IMO, worse than WaW.  I'm actually pretty interested in this game all things considered.  I think Treyarch gets a really bad rap and I pretty much HATE the way that IW themselves have pretty obviously dissed them.  No one ever says so, but those IW guys were jerks. "
How was MW2 bad? Also, Infinity Ward are allowed to be dicks to a company like Treyarch who fucked up there baby. 
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@Cold_Wolven said:
" Well I do hope Treyarch outdo themselves once more and pray that the controversy surrounding activision and Infinity ward doesn't hurt the sales of Black Ops. I'm curious how much stealth will be in this game since this is black ops. More variety in missions can only be a good thing. "
When did they outdo themselves the first time?
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@YukoAsho:  Yes, but... If you take a look at the A2, the gun is actually even more different than the one in the screenshot. Here is why. 
1)  The Barrel is that of the AUG, not the AUG A2. 
2) The A2 still has a vertical fore grip, it is just folded up 
3) The rail and or sights mounts on the A2 are much lower than the screenshot / AUG.
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There is one thing in the screenshots that bugs me.  The screenshot in the bottom left corner. Now.. Mr.Soldier is clearly holding a Steyr AUG. Now. If we analyze it a bit you can see from the barrel it is the standard Assault variant, not like the infantry support version found in MW2, that version has a heavier barrel to compensate for the heavier round being used.  
Now here is my beef with it. The Steyr AUG was the first assault rifle to have the user hold 2 vertical grips. This is where Treyarch fucked up... Now.. if you look at my image below.. you can see how they missed it compared to the real weapon...  

 They Fucked up.