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@CL60 said:
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" I choose life?  "
You know you can play MMOs and still have a life.  I love how the gaming community as a whole complains about people saying "people who play games have no lives" yet those same people who probably complain about people who say that say "You play MMOs so you have no life!" "
Yea, but the majority of people who play MMO's spend Waaaaay to much time on them. 
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No where... forums arent a big part of my life. I just like GB. I could live without 12 year olds bitching about Master Chief anyway .

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I choose life? 

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@jonnyboy said:
" Two fractured fingers and a couple of chipped teeth at a metal gig, can't remember who. It was years ago.   [EDIT] just been informed, it was Static X. "
Haha love how you had to be informed. Ahh yes. Good times
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@VinceNotVance: No.. I am good.
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@Azteck said:
" @BrendenDonaher said:
" That was the locale of my 19th birthday. Ahh yes, a year ago tomorrow. Turning 20 tomorrow Btw.. what should I do on a monday night? "
Get a girl pregnant. "
Nah, not yet :P
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@Godlovesugly said:
" I once got drunk in an abandoned factory with some friends, I picked up a piece of glass and threw it. Slit my thumb open  (I'm sure there's glass still in there.) my friend wrapped it in some dirty old piece of fabric he found and that was that.   Once I drank a bottle of jack daniels on the bus ride to a gig...then another one on the walk from the bus stop to the gig. I got in the place and walked into the bathroom sat on the floor until I was kicked out. Then I threw my guts up forever, I'm pretty sure I nearly died.  Now I'm teetotal and I'll probably never drink again! "
Aww, don't say that. Alcohol is the gift that keeps on giving. Haha
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@Th3_James: Oh I know. I am on my iPhone for everything. Last night I was at Walmart buying some stuff for my new University res and I found an item and I couldn't find a tag or a price check, so what do I do, I whipped out the iPhone, and used Pic2Shop to scan the barcode and check prices. This phone really does everything. 
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@Th3_James said:
" @BrendenDonaher said:
" @Th3_James said:
" hmmm. Iphones are same price as ipod touches..... i would never get an ipod touch, i just have my iphone "
Yep. Been rolling with iPhones since they launched here in Canada, started with the 3G and moved to the 3GS last june when they came out, never looked back. Sure they are expensive, but it is definitely worth it. "
I have decided that i will get every other iphone, I got the 3g when it came out in canada, and will get this years upcoming iphone model. The 3gs is nice and way faster, but I just want to make the jump and buy a new iphone when there are some substantial changes. i.e 64gb+ internal storage space. Can't wait til I can fit my whole library of music on my phone... 16gb is not enough. Considering I use my phone everyday for web browsing, email, music, texts, and calls the operating cost each day is nothing. It's like buying a coffee a day "
Yep same, I have planned on getting one every year.
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@ch13696 said:
" I pay for 2 iPhones. The plan is for:  700 min for $70 Unlim text for $20 per phone Unlim data for $30 per phone GPS for $10 per phone Insurance for $10 per phone  Total a month = $210 per month  And I switched from and Android phone on T-mobile. I was only paying $140 a month with 4 phones. "
How come you pay for more than one? Family Plans?