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@EVO said:
" A few years ago I got drunk on a soccer pitch and on the way home I could make my jaw pop. I woke up the next morning and it kept popping. Like, whenever I eat my jaw makes a popping sound.  It's been like that ever since. "
Dude.. That sucks. 
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This is what Blizzard has done to korea. FUCKING STARCRAFT

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@Snail: How is that going, they are mad expensive off contract. Around $850 Canadian without a contract. 
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I am just going to throw some bands out there. Hammerfall, Iron Maiden, In Flames, Sabaton, Machinehead, Motorhead, Avenged Sevenfold, Airborne, Running WIld, 3 Inches of Blood, Nightmare.. thats all I got.. for now. 

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Man. You europeans have it so lucky in the mobile space. Your contracts are shorter, your phones are better. And you barely pay anything compared to North America. 

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That was the locale of my 19th birthday. Ahh yes, a year ago tomorrow. Turning 20 tomorrow Btw.. what should I do on a monday night?

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Oh I see, That is more than I thought. Here is my plan breakdown. 
150 Minutes with My 5 - $25 
iPhone Value Plan (unlimited sms, MMS, visual voicemail) - $20 
6GB Data Plan ( with unlimited tethering) - $30 
Taxes / 911 Fee / System Access Fee - $27 
The best part of that plan is the data. 6GB is unlimited basically unlimited. Also AT&T, Verizon and Sprints "unlimited" data plans also have a cap of 5GB. 

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@toorima said:
" At a party I decided it would be a good idea to ask a guy to punch me in the face, being very drunk i did not feel the punch, and even though I fell to the ground I told him to punch me again. He ended up punching through the flesh and I had a hole in my face. Got to school next day, looked like I was trying to smuggle a golf ball in my mouth. Only reason why I know the reason was because people told me the next day. "
That my friend is a good night. 
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March 8, 1990

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@cap123 said:
" once i woke up after a night out and i had a bruise on my leg.  :( "
Sounds harsh.... I still have my hospital bracelet. Makes me feel like a bad ass :)