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@AjayRaz said:
" @BrendenDonaher said:
" I like to keep it simple. 
 My 21.5" iMac Desktop
simple but i have to say that is a very nice desktop :P  "
Thank you. I always said simplicity is key. When you are looking at a computer all day something simple not to strain the eyes is key :)
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Hmm. Aside from the few welcoming members I have seen here, I seem to notice a lot of sarcastic tones.. This is my kinda place :)  
Let the good times roll

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I like to keep it simple. 

 My 21.5" iMac Desktop
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This brings up a rather "interesting" red ring. I have been through 2 Red Rings. One being legit, the other.. radiation sickness. Let me elaborate. It all started when my launch 360 was being all screwey and what not. Freezing, Dirty disc errors etc. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I called up support and they wanted $150 to fix the sucker. Well, that didn't fly with me. Now any reasonable person would never do this.. but a combination of partying and hatred towards support caused me to put my 360 in the microwave. 3 seconds, smoke, a spark and a call to MS saying I got red ringed was all I needed to get myself a new 360. About a year later the next one died a boring death, just sitting on ye old couch and she red ringed.. Microsoft happily replaced that one. 

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Hmm, well I already have "teh ladiezz" covered. I would say the God of Beer? We Canadian's can drink... oh boy can we drink. Actually.. God of Beer has a ring to it..

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Well on his part then I welcome you to the forums :)
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@Ryax said:
" i like price the best because he survived WWII and most wars from then on, im assuming.  "
You realize World War 2 took place more than 60 years before Modern Warfare 2. Anywho. Now that we have that dealt with let me chime in.  
I beat the game a few days after I got it on launch and it was thrilling the whole way through. Non stop, just wish it was longer. When I saw Price I flipped shit and rejoiced... then came the ending.. OMG SOOO GOOD.
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I would assume not since I just joined up. I have always came to the site but just recently decided to take part in the community. Wish me luck as I enjoy the fruits of Giantbomb. 

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Modern Warfare 2. Hopefully not for long though. I am hoping to pick up some games this week. I am gunning for Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Bioshock 2 and Borderlands.