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@sergio: Yeah, I see why Star Trek would fit that bill. I thought the guys would be into this game. I knew about the bugs, but it can be hard to wade through what is truth and what is exaggeration on the internet.

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Why is this game so under the radar? Why is there no Quick Look? This was more deserving than the Star Trek QL.

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All of the systems on the ship have grey pictures. When a system is down, the pics are red to let you know to repair because the system is damaged. The pics also flash blue when the system is hit with ionic damage. Why can't the game make the system's pics be green when they are on and grey when they are not. Too many times have I had crew members die to asphyxiation because I was in a plasma storm and came out safely, only to forget to turn O2 back on. If we had green pics when on, that would never happen. It keeps all the good gameplay while removing a major disappointment that shouldn't have to happen.