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Name- Brett

Friend Code- 0104-0844-5955

Version- X

I'm looking for someone with a Froakie in their Safari, add me if you do.

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I've been trying to add a Thief review and I'm having the same problems.

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I wrote a review for Thief today and tried to save it but wouldn't let me, I tried on another computer and it didn't work on there either, anybody know what's going on?

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@jz: Theif, Dark Souls II, Witcher 3, Titanfall, Lighting Returns (I think)

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Gone Home beating Fire Emblem is really surprising to me, I wouldn't say I liked Gone Home beating Fire Emblem but at least it got in the list.

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I'll take one.

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I'm really surprised that Tali and Liara made it this far, Laura Croft should've won.

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@andorski said:

Joel McHale not giving a shit.

This was very evident throughout the entire thing, the only time I actually saw him responding to the guests was during the part where Telltale was talking about their new Game of Thrones game.

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I'd have to say it really depends on how much of a difference there is. If I find a brand new game used for $40 I will buy it used, if the used version is still about $50 I'd just buy it new. I also tend to buy older games used because their's usually a big difference, I got Fallout 3 for about $15 used and it was about $25 new.

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I was just wondering if we will be doing a top 10 games of E3 this year. If so please comment below.