The Brewcast - Episode 15 - IPA Day!

Episode 15

Happy IPA Day! Ben and Andy celebrate everyone's favorite hops with a spirited discussion of IPA, Batman, and plenty of dumb stuff! It's the fifteenth episode of The Brewcast! Ask a question at our Formspring or drop us a line on Twitter, @overtheandyhill,@HDJoey, and@BenJaminYoMom

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Posted by Brewmaster_Andy
Posted by paudle

good talk again guys. I wouldn't mind a section again where you talk about one part of the homebrew process. I think you had something like that in the beginning episodes

Posted by Brewmaster_Andy

@paudle: Yeah, we're going to get back into the homebrewing stuff. We are putting together a blog that will go along with the podcast each week, and we'll be posting videos and instructional stuff, along with recipes there.