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This week, Joey and I talk about movies, yeast breeding, and BACON BEER! Also, user questions!


Ask your questions on our Formspring here ! As always, comments are welcome and encouraged!

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And for the record, I think this is the best episode and I have done so far. Way too much ridiculousness for one podcast to handle!

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Good episode guys. I like some of the random paths that you go down. Even if it isn't about beer. Keep the tasting section at the beginning. I like that section.

I am brewing my first beer. It was just a kit beer with the booster so I decided to try to spice it up some and an ale with ginger in it.

Have you guys ever made a ginger beer? On the same topic of spices as in this week. I have some questions about spices and duration.

What does a longer fermentation period do to the spices? Once it is all bottled does the spice go down or up with age?

I am looking forward to having my first beer. It seems like there can be lots of experimentation with the spices to get it right.

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Andy, sometimes you need to let Joey talk. A lot of times, you interrupt his talking really abruptly and repeatedly. I noticed it particularly when Joey was talking about the second weird beer he was drinking, and he never got to really say much about it besides that it was subtle. After he said it was subtle, you interrupted him and then went on a tangent.

The tasting segment is my favorite portion of the cast (I'm not quite ready to start brewing myself), so when you guys do it, I actually want to know what you guys think of the beer. The person not tasting the beer should be quiet until the person is finished describing what they think.

Also, FWIW, Blue Moon is owned and brewed by Coors.

Its also interesting to find out how much beer selection differs by region. Like my question stated on the podcast, Local breweries dominate here in Colorado. New Belgium, Odell, Boulder Beer Company, Breckenridge Brewery, etc are all extremely popular over here. On the other hand, I have never heard of many of the beers you tout on the podcast. Just a curious observation.

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@Bass: Yeah, that's something listening back that I myself am realizing I need to do! Thanks for the feedback - I think we're both still just finding our way here so I need to just step it off a bit.

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@Brewmaster_Andy: Yeah I'm sure you guys will get the hang of it soon enough. That being said, i really enjoy the podcast and hope you guys continue to do it into the future.


Wow. That theme song is bitchin!

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@NlGHTCRAWLER: Definitely one of my favorite Reel Big Fish songs :D


@Brewmaster_Andy said:

@NlGHTCRAWLER: Definitely one of my favorite Reel Big Fish songs :D

Never heard of it before now. The only thing I have heard from RBF is sellout and their cover of Take On Me.