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Episode 9

This week, Andy and Ben talk about brewing yeast that was made from a DUDE'S BEARD, drinking games, and other dumb stuff! It's episode nine of The Brewcast! Ask a question at our Formspring or drop us a line on Twitter, @overtheandyhill and @HDJoey

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Posted by B_Heart

Love listening to you guys. Just found the podcast so I'm still working my way through the episodes but I wanted to throw out a question or two. Hopefully you haven't talked about these yet.

Took a trip during spring break to Munich Germany and took a mini-brewery tour while sampling some of Munich's finest beers. Great experience. Have you all tried any German beers such as Paulaner or Hofbrauhaus? The latter is more likely seeing as they have some pubs in the US at major cities.

Second question is for Joey mostly. I'm from South TX and i know Joey covered South by South West in Austin a few times. Wanted to know if he had a chance to try out any of the local beers and what he thought about some good ol Texas beer.

Great podcast guys! Keep them coming

Posted by Brewmaster_Andy

Thanks for the questions! We will hit them this week!