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Why would you ever assume that shipping was included in the $19.99 price? If it truly did not show you the shipping cost until your confirmation email, I'd be pissed too - but I doubt a big company like that is going to just blindly charge you $13 without ever once informing you of the charge. They probably outlined the charge before you submitted your order.

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The Boston Globe is reporting that the public transportation system in Boston, the MBTA, could take up to 30 days to be back up and running at full service. Plan accordingly. It's going to be a rough PAX for out of towners and commuters alike.

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@humanity: Nope! I'm a Massachusetts native so PAX East is my stomping ground.

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@humanity: The beer is for their panel at PAX East in March, so not yet!

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@smithcommajohn: Beard growth is all about just letting go. It's hard to get past the itchy phase of a beard, so I suggest purchasing a good quality beard oil to moisturize. A good boar's hair brush is also a good investment, but only brush it once a day.

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@snoojis: I built it myself. I got the electrical components from and found the toolbox on Amazon. All the wiring was done with an electrician friend so I saved some money on wire, but there's around $700-800 into the setup if you include the pump (which I already had) and the fittings.

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@warpig87: I usually do a continuous sparge - I have sparge water set up in my kettle, and then when the mash is done I recirculate the full volume between both vessels and the RIMS tube. I wasn't super happy with the process and how it operated with the RIMS for this brew, and I lost some efficiency points because of it. The easy drinking beer I planned for is going to be even easier drinking! I think in the future I will probably just do a batch sparge process - I'll just use brew buckets as holding tanks for sparge water and drain the mash directly into the kettle.