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@smithcommajohn: Beard growth is all about just letting go. It's hard to get past the itchy phase of a beard, so I suggest purchasing a good quality beard oil to moisturize. A good boar's hair brush is also a good investment, but only brush it once a day.

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@snoojis: I built it myself. I got the electrical components from and found the toolbox on Amazon. All the wiring was done with an electrician friend so I saved some money on wire, but there's around $700-800 into the setup if you include the pump (which I already had) and the fittings.

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@warpig87: I usually do a continuous sparge - I have sparge water set up in my kettle, and then when the mash is done I recirculate the full volume between both vessels and the RIMS tube. I wasn't super happy with the process and how it operated with the RIMS for this brew, and I lost some efficiency points because of it. The easy drinking beer I planned for is going to be even easier drinking! I think in the future I will probably just do a batch sparge process - I'll just use brew buckets as holding tanks for sparge water and drain the mash directly into the kettle.

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@cooljammer00: I'm figuring out logistics still. Last year was tough, so the CAH people are helping me a bit this year. Gotta coordinate with them, but there's usually some leftover!

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@fobwashed: Flow rate with the pump is good enough that it's negligible. Plus, the heating element fires rapidly to maintain temperature so there is no huge effect on the total volume - maybe a degree.

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Not posting any links here but if you want one, you can check out either my twitter account or Dan's =] Just wanted to share that this dumb thing happened~ I'm hoping to see someone wearing it during the next PAX Rumble event >,<

Don't need twitter to view his feed!

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Steve is the best, as always.

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I lost my dad back in July, so this is something especially fresh for me. It sucks. It sucks a lot. I really feel for you, Jeff. My thoughts are with you and yours.