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Also just getting on the Destiny train after finding the game at a good price. I'm a level 12 Warlock, definitely happy to make some friends for this game. GT: BRG9000

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Hey, giving this a quick bump for visability. The clan now can fit up to 30 members!

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Hey folks, as of now the clan is full at its 10-member cap. As I mentioned above I will be aggressively removing inactive accounts while we work to expand that cap, so keep sending me PMs if you're interested in joining and sit tight, and I'll get you an invite as soon as possible.

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Ok, I just created Acolytes of the Luchadeer as a new clan and will be sending PMs to everyone on this thread (if you post after this on this thread, please PM me for info and/or an invite).

To temper expectations, I'm brand new to Warframe and don't know much of what I'm doing. I don't have a high level character that can build the first few clan rooms on my own to start us off. I just don't mind taking initiative to get the ball rolling and am always happy to make more GB friends. So don't join the clan expecting an experienced group, but do come along to learn the ropes together or give some advice to noobs if you're experienced.

My understanding is that the costs to build up the clan scale with the number of members, so it's not good to have inactives sitting around. So these are going to be the two rules of the clan to start out:

1. Don't be a dick.

2. Inactive members over 21 days are liable to be kicked.

See you in game!

Edit: Reading the Warframe Wiki, it looks like we need to build onto our dojo before we can expand beyond 10 members. So I apologize if there is a delay in invites for a while once we're full. Until we can expand to the next tier, I'm going to kick people who are inactive for just 3 days if there are people waiting. Sorry for the inconvenience and we'll lighten that timer when we grow to tier 2.

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I just started playing this and can already tell a clan is practically mandatory to get the most out of the game. If no one else has yet, I'll create a clan tonight and send PMs to the people in this thread who expressed interest.

Or if anyone's already created one at this point and would please invite me, my xbox/warframe tag is BRG9000.

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@brandino said:

@djkommunist said:

and apparently this gamergate shitshow "isnt" about harassment

It isn't, you can't blame the entire cause or entire group because of 3 piece of shit individuals. If you do then you must group GiantBomb in it because there were people doing some vile shit here when this whole quinn thing started.

I think it's disgusting that these women are being ran out of their homes but don't try to say it's because of gamergate or that everyone involved is some woman hating piece of shit.

That is a bad comparison. GG started out about misogyny and harassing women, and then the rest of the "movement" regarding vague ethics concerns sprung up around it to shroud the harassment. The hateful acts are at its origin and its core. Contrast that with what you're talking about with GiantBomb, which was founded on inclusiveness and ethics and occasionally has had people jump in later trying to stir shit up, who are quickly weeded out.

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@bbalpert said:

@white: I'm not sure what the ambiguity is with Wrath. You choose to deal either 3 damage to a minion of your choice, or 1 damage to a minion of your choice and draw a card.

The ambiguity is that the second half of the choice just says "deal 1 damage," which in all other appearances on cards means it can target minions or players.

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GT: BRG9000, PST time zone.

I'll follow a bunch of you after work tonight.

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In a follow-up tweet they said that everyone who signs up has an equal chance of getting in; it is NOT first come first serve. So no need to stress if you can't be a part of the site-crashing clusterfuck at 6.