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You guys are simply amazing, thanks for taking the time to do what must be the most difficult podcast of your careers. We love you guys and appreciate all you do.

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Delusion now!

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I want this so badly but I also don't want it to be over. I want to save this for the perfect day. Maybe when it snows so much I can't make it into work I will make myself some hot chocolate and sit down to find out the fate of my favorite characters in games this year.

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Does this mean that they will be taking Too Human off of Games on Demand soon? I have been waiting to get it when it dropped below the ridiculous price it's sitting at now. I know people hate it but I am interested in playing the game that sunk Silicon Knights. You should put in a request for clarification with Silicon Knights or Microsoft Alex.

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I hope they stick around long enough to publish Darksiders 3. I loved Darksiders but Darksiders 2 felt incomplete. It was kind of haunting, especially the music, but it felt like the first 2/3 was polished and ready while the last third was a rush job with no real resolution. Regardless I still enjoy the universe and hope we see more from Vigil games soon.

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Hey guys, I just saw the thread. Is it too late to criticize Patrick? What's currently in vogue?

You know what's worse than anonymous internet commenters telling a professional that they suck at their job? Nothing (with the single possible exception being that recent Smurf's movie).

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My best friends account has been locked for 36 days (as of today) and he has had little to no response from Microsoft. I really appreciate this article, and the responses from Toulouse. However, I think that his positive attitude needs to be communicated better to Customer Service and a better system for updating the user needs to be in place. My friend (who cares very little for achievements, arcade games, or saved progress) finally got so frustrated that he just started a new gamertag and has no intention of ever using his old one again. Personally I would have a real hard time doing that. I am just kind of rambling here, but I appreciate the work Patrick put in and the response from Microsoft.

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Yeah, sorry Patrick, but while consistent standards would be appreciated, I think it's rather arrogant to assert that we are entitled to them. If you own the UMD's then you own a PSP. If you want to play them use the device they were designed for. If you want to play them on your Vita then you make a choice as a consumer to pay what they are asking. Sure it sucks, but as a consumer I have no right to get the most logical or convenient price for a product. Make your voice heard but tone down the unnecessary rhetoric.

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I have encountered a bug where every single guard, in every town wants to kill me. I can't pay a fine. I can't go to jail. I can only die every time I enter a town. I tried going back about twenty saves, when it used to work fine, and they still kill me. Oh well. I have absolutely no problem starting over the game is so freaking good (unless of course someone knows how to fix it. Please).

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In the time-tested and revered words of Samuel L. Jackson "God dammit! I hate this hacker crap!

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