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@drewdock said:

Anyone know of an app that can handle this directly on the iPhone? Podcaster supposedly supports protected feeds, but always fails when I try to add the GB feed.

Instacast supposedly works on protected feeds, but, again, it doesn't work for the Giantbomb feeds, nor the suggested solutions above.

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Any word on a Google Reader workaround? Still can't subscribe doing this method: https://${USERNAME}:${PASSWORD}

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Just a thought to the engineers, but because of these authentication issues, what would be the problem of having unique feeds for people who request them? I know on some other sites, instead of having you use authentication to get into a subscriber feed, they have a unique feed that is supposed to be used by just that user, and they just monitor the usage of that feed to check against people handing it out and abusing it.

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@sully: Tried using Sully's method, but I can't add a feed into Google Reader (which can't do RSS feeds with authorization at all). Google Reader won't "find" the url, so it won't add it to my list of feeds.

Also, I can't use Instacast on the iPhone/iPad to view videos because the authorization on it continues to fail.