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For me, the 24 to 26 grind has really taken a toll on my interest in the game. I think 24 is where you can max out on boue gear, so then you need to grind rep to be able to buy legendary armor (or hope you find it in game, ha!) and then the upgrade paths for those take a lot of resources. I'm basically in the position now where I am on the cusp of being 26, but Im going to have to farm helium filaments on the moon for a few hours to do it. The only 2 legendary engrams I've found have both produced green gear.

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Wait, do the raids really take like 5 hours to do? Looks like I'll never be playing those. Oh well, later destiny. You were fun for a few hours.

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Yeah the requirements are pretty bonkers considering how little there is to actually do in the game. I played pretty much all night and never got any drops better than what I had already equipped and that involved doing the same strikes multiple times. Considering how tedious the strikes are, and how few of them there are, they really need to up the incentive to actually keep doing them. I started finding people dropping out of the beginning of strikes when doing the playlist, which I assume is because they got randomly put in to a strike they JUST did (which happened to me numerous times) or they did recently enough to not want to do it. That then puts you down a person, which makes the strike harder, which makes the fact that you don't get anything from it that much more frustrating. Hopefully the raids add something to the experience, because I can't really see myself playing too much more of this.

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@brianp: I remember that Terminator game. I really wanted it because it was from Bethesda and was running on, I believe, the Daggerfall engine.

Had it not been for this game, I would have deeply regretted owning a launch PS2 for the first two years.

I think the terminator game came out like 6 years before daggerfall, and according to wikipedia was written entirely in assembly. It's crazy how many things it did that would become standard much later on

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I actually have no concept of how popular this game was, or wasn't, but it was the first thing that came to mind. The Terminator PC game from 1990-ish. In hindsight it's pretty cool that it was an open world FPS where you could steal cars and drive around. I don't remember being very good at it;

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As someone who has never really played online games, let alone with strangers, I played with some GB dudes last night and had a really good time. It's nice to know you can rely on this community (generally) to not be dicks.

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if anyone wants to rage, psn: brianp666 lets shoot some aliens in their stupid faces

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@Gnubberen said:

Thats an old ass tweet though.

Seriously, that tweet was at least 2 billion dollars ago

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@brianp: I am aware of that post, thanks.

Cool, I should I have figured you were on it. My bad dawg!

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@fattony12000 found this on reddit, not sure if it applies:


Clan management is back on for groups, but the admin of your group has to do something to enable. It is not turned on by default like it was in beta.

1.) They have to click on Admin tools.

2.) Click on the about tab.

3.) Scroll down and click the buttons to enable Playstation or Xbox (possibly can just do both, we're not sure if a group can be multi-console or not. It's possible if you have at least 3 people declare for Xbox and 3 for PS).

4.) Once those buttons are enabled, group members should have an option next to the Interact button that allows them to Set it as their Playstation Clan or Xbox Clan depending on which was enabled. Once you have 3 people do that, you'll be an ingame clan.

Here is the link to your groups for you admins:

edit-After looking at some of the replies below. It may be that only the group's founder can make these changes. They appear for me in my group, but I am the founder of it as well."