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Hi! I am going to visit my mom in Exeter in August for the fourth or fifth time, but this is the first time I remembered to ask if people had any recommendations on stuff to do. Any cool stuff I should check out? Is anyone local to that area and would know if there are especially cool places to eat? Record shops? Thanks!

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At least this saves me the mental trauma of seeing if I can make it through a whole game possibly as freaky as P.T.

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@ares42 said:

The door was never meant to be a shortcut. The fact that it's operable but locked is to illustrate how the cathedral ward got quarantined because of the hunt. It's also why the room before is filled with the urns of insence (just like the chapel you actually do manage to enter) to keep the beasts away.

You just blew my mind!

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Unless some crazy shit happens, this is definitely going to be my album of 2015. I can't remember the last time I listened to an album the whole way through and felt like I had experienced something important.

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I can't remember which specific ones, but there were a few levels that started in ways that made me feel like I had to find ways to kind of cheese them to get in any sort of position to be tactical.

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Mad I missed this!!!! Didn't think he would do it on the first damn day!!

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Man, that RPS interview was rough but stuff like:

"I think a lot of times, especially a few years ago, I would say things almost as I thought things, and the team used to really get aggressive, that they would say, ‘Oh god Peter, this is the first time we know that we’re going to have this feature in the game.’ And then the other side of the equation, which is just as bad, is that I would tell the press and often show the press when they’ve only just been implemented without thought to the consequences of them making it into the final game."

is pretty ridiculous considering how long he has been in the industry. I get being excited about your game, but to just say shit literally without running it by the team making the game is absurd!

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@brianp: There are so many better songs off of Rust in Peace alone that I have never understood why this one is always the example given of one of their best. Tornado of Souls has always felt super boring to me (still a good song, I just usually have a tendacy to skip it)

Rust in Peace...Polaris, Hangar 18, Five Magics, FUCKING POSION WAS THE CURE. COME ON DAMN IT.

Yeah I don't know dude, tornado of souls totally rules. Just a difference of opinion I guess!

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Hard to beat this

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I think every one of those bands comes with a caveat, but all of them in their prime:

1. Megadeth

2. Metallica

3. Slayer

4. Anthrax

It might be a toss up between megadeth and metallica for #1 (again, both bands in their prime) but I think megadeths best stuff holds up better than metallicas listening to it now. I would also sub any number of bay area bands for anthrax (testament, violence, forbidden)