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I really wish I had explored the moon more, but I had to get to a housewarming party at 6 and could only mess around for so long. I would love to form a pike gang with some lincoln force duders once the game is out and roll hard. Bomb Squad MC anyone?

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so what was the reward we were supposed to get?

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I had a spare 1000 glimmer (worst name for a currency in a video game?) so I bought a iron banner armor color thing, and then found out you have to be level 20 to use it. What's the point of even putting that stuff in the beta?

Apparently at least legendary items should carry over to the final game. And Bungie keep going on about "special rewards" (or whatever the wording was) for people who play the beta on the 26th that are supposed to be permanent.

Why not just make everything permanent at that point? I've started getting drops that are above level 8 so I've been saving them in the vault hoping all that shit carries over. Not that it would be a huge struggle to start again, but I have some pretty boss level 8 stuff for my character and would like to keep it.

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@karkarov: True, but trust me you didn't miss much. It's also weird they were like "2 hour only event!!" and then opened it up again at least 3 other times over the weekend. Why not just leave it open? All it's doing is frustrating people like you who won't get to experience it after already paying for the game.

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I had a spare 1000 glimmer (worst name for a currency in a video game?) so I bought a iron banner armor color thing, and then found out you have to be level 20 to use it. What's the point of even putting that stuff in the beta?

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Man, I never got any gear from the iron banner stuff. I was also hoping it would be something different than just the "control" mode. Oh well!

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I don't know if they are adding stuff to the beta, or if I am only now seeing stuff I never have before, but I just saw some area called "the grottos" that have level 20 enemies, and I saw enemies on speeder bikes that I was able to defeat and then ride around on their bikes (which can shoot, and are pretty fun/OP)

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@brianp: It's one of those things where you will probably want to group up with your friends/fellow duders before hand and then jump in. Random matchmaking in that situation is usually not great, especially in a game of this scale in a marketing sense.

I really hope they implement clans into the actual game so this process is easier.

True, I guess maybe I just had amazing luck the first time. I hope the clan stuff fits in to the game as well. I don't really have anyone on my psn friends list since I don't know many people who play video games and I don't usually play online stuff. It would be nice to group up with people from here without having to manually add everyone to my friends list.

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New ps4 owner here looking to start adding people to my friendslist. Got the beta and enjoying it so far but would be nice to have some GB people to join up with.

I'm in the same boat, I'll fire up my ps4 and add you

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The first time I played through the co-op strike mission, I loved the hell out of it. I was naturally strategizing with the people I was paired up with and we got through it without too much difficulty. I just tried again with a new character, level five paired up with two other level fives, and it was the hardest thing ever. We wiped back to checkpoint numerous times, which never happened the first time. Sure, one of the dudes seemed to refuse to help anyone when they went down (that fucking dick) but I don't know why it seemed so much harder. The one dude who was actually reviving people, aside from me, eventually bailed on the match, then I did as well. If they can ensure the experience of the first time I did it, it will be my favorite feature in the full game. If it's more like the second time, I will avoid it at all costs.

The shotguns in this game seem completely useless. I tried some high level ones at close range and they still were no where near as effective as machine guns at close range. Same with the revolvers (at least those make you feel like a badass). Hopefully they will do some weapon balancing before the full version.