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Mad I missed this!!!! Didn't think he would do it on the first damn day!!

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Man, that RPS interview was rough but stuff like:

"I think a lot of times, especially a few years ago, I would say things almost as I thought things, and the team used to really get aggressive, that they would say, ‘Oh god Peter, this is the first time we know that we’re going to have this feature in the game.’ And then the other side of the equation, which is just as bad, is that I would tell the press and often show the press when they’ve only just been implemented without thought to the consequences of them making it into the final game."

is pretty ridiculous considering how long he has been in the industry. I get being excited about your game, but to just say shit literally without running it by the team making the game is absurd!

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@brianp: There are so many better songs off of Rust in Peace alone that I have never understood why this one is always the example given of one of their best. Tornado of Souls has always felt super boring to me (still a good song, I just usually have a tendacy to skip it)

Rust in Peace...Polaris, Hangar 18, Five Magics, FUCKING POSION WAS THE CURE. COME ON DAMN IT.

Yeah I don't know dude, tornado of souls totally rules. Just a difference of opinion I guess!

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Hard to beat this

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I think every one of those bands comes with a caveat, but all of them in their prime:

1. Megadeth

2. Metallica

3. Slayer

4. Anthrax

It might be a toss up between megadeth and metallica for #1 (again, both bands in their prime) but I think megadeths best stuff holds up better than metallicas listening to it now. I would also sub any number of bay area bands for anthrax (testament, violence, forbidden)

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Like UYD says, it's a dupe life

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NOT the crew. That game is so aggressively bad, and I say that as someone who put a decent amount of time in to it. I haven't swore at a game so much in such a long time.

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Ale Force Gator? Dumb Blonde? No Hop For Mankind?

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@bigmess said:

People should be able to play the games they want but that scene is still gross and adds nothing to the game's style or edginess.

If you feel it's necessary to have a prompt asking you if you want to see sexual assualt, maybe just not put it in the game?

I disagree. I think in this scene they are showing that the game is in the tradition of kind of grindhouse/slasher movies to set the tone of the game. I bet tons of people would watch a movie like Evil Dead and not get too up in arms about the tree rape scene (although some would, and they would be well within their rights to do so). Except if you are sensitive to those things, the movie in no way lets you opt out of them ahead of time. If anything, this game is being more considerate of people who may be put off by sexual violence by even giving them that choice. It's not one you find most other places.

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Man, reading that description I was thinking "that sounds really fucked up and extreme, even for hotline miami" but then watching the actual part it seems fairly tame. It kind of sounds like the people who wrote that paragraph have a pretty vivid imagination.