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This is my only issue with him being the host. He acts like it's not his fault that he chose those emails that he's reading. It's like if I keep buying food I don't like and then sit in front of you guys and eat it while saying, "Oh man, I don't know why I have to eat this. Why?!... Oh well, here we go".

No, it's like you buy the grossest food on the menu for yourself and three other guys - and then everybody has to describe how awful it tastes. That might be entertaining or might just cause someone to vomit spectacularly.

Either way, you should apologise in advance.

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How many of these are actually jokes that either the staff or the community references on a regular basis?

You're a joke that either the staff or the community references on a regular basis.

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@rejizzle said:

Spyro over Crash, Jak and Daxter, over Ratchet and Clank, and... Little disappointed with both developers this/last generation. Really only liked Uncharted 2 and Resistance 3. So it's a tie I guess.

Can I just say Sucker Punch?

Sucker Punch totally deserves to be part of this conversation. Rocket Robot was way better than Crash and Spyro.

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I got a 15 and a terrible headache.

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Pat McGroin.

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I had a great time with Skyward Sword.

I was all doing the sword fighting until I found that I could just bash enemies with my shield but then my shield caught fire and I had no shield, so I bought a metal shield but the later enemies all had electric swords so I learned to depend on my fencing prowess. Cutting dudes has never felt so satisfying.

That aside, did Egoraptor actually steal money from the bloke with the parrot? I'm sure that the guy who used that horrible epithet about Egoraptor's wife wouldn't throw about such a charge willy-nilly.

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@spoonman671 said:

Maybe you have only one kind of fry in your backwards, fascist, hippie commune of a country, but in America, where freedom lives, we have access to all different kinds of fries. Both thin and thick, crisp and soggy, potato and sweet potato, disco, chili-cheese, and Cajun! An overwhelming variety of methods of killing yourself with food, because that represents the opportunity of choice! And choice is the beating heart of Liberty!

Clearly you do not know, or have a proper grasp of, the history of chips.

The potato was discovered on the continent of what we now know as North America, but it took the combined knowledge of Great Britain and France centuries for it to become what it is today.

Also, hundreds of thousands of Irish men, women and children died in the process.

It is not subject to be made light of.

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@teleri said:

Take for example, The Angry Video Game Nerd. Here's a guy that comes out with consistently opinionated content about traditional games like the Zelda franchise on a regular basis. He didn't take a year to make a review of The Adventure of Link, or any of his videos. Despite this fact, his video reviews are built with a much higher amount of informative content there to influence his opinions. Compare the reactions to his videos, compared to Egoraptor's.

Comparing one set of youtube comments with another sounds like the third worst way you could possibly spend your time, after genocide and torture.

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A Sound Of Thunder is worth watching for Ben Kingsley's wig alone.

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70's TV movie Trapped is Die Hard in a department store, with dogs instead of terrorists.