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I want to say Llamatron, but I seem to recall that you couldn't play that with two joysticks on the Amiga, unlike the Atari ST version.

Jeff Minter Also made an "interesting" version of Defender/Stargate.

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I wasn't joking about the authentic ZX Spectrum pixel art.

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I'd like to contribute. Hit me up if you're after some authentic looking ZX Spectrum pixel art.

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Vote implies equal weighting so the very premise is meaningless and so is any deconstruction of its meaning or implication.

You're not entirely incorrect, except my premise is based on the system of proportional representation.

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Marketing is Emperor Palpatine. PR Is Darth Vader.

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@jay_ray said:

I have bought a ton of games multiple times, usually on a console then via a Steam deal. And then there are the mass of games I bought and will never play, some of which are PS2 games

I keep buying DLC for DOA5. I regret nothing. Well, actually, I regret that more companies don't follow in their footsteps. Fighting games or not, just give me the option to buy a ton of shamelessly fun, dumb costumes and I'll buy them. To be fair, some others games do do it from time to time, but they all tend to be rather...shall we say...conservative.

This complicates the whole democratic process analogy to a degree. One voter want's a say in what his candidate wears while they are in office, while the other votes for the reintroduction of the gold standard.

Nothing to write-off voting with your wallet as a valid way to steer video games on to further greatness, though.

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@draugen said:

I buy Mass Effect 3 DLC on multiple accounts to compensate for people who don't like Mass Effect 3.

That's like murdering a bunch of people and then stealing their ballots so you can vote for Hitler.

I jest of course. I'm about to kick off my replay of Mass Effect 3 with all of the DLC, just as Hitler intended.

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@corevi said:

@bribo: I actually kinda liked The Legend of Korra game, but I'm a fan of that series. It's janky and quite short but the combat is pretty good.

That's good to know. I didn't buy that game in the passive, abstaining from voting stance that I mentioned in my original post.

Again, I'm not here to judge anybody.

turboman said:

I vote for cheeseburgers quite often.

No you don't. Cheeseburgers are like air. They cannot be regulated by any governing body.

That's not to say you should be complacent about cheeseburgers. You should regularly write to your Member of Parliament (or Congressman) and remind them that you will vote them out of office if they try fuck your cheeseburger.

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@corevi said:

I did buy all the SMT games they put on PSN just to support that decision, despite already owning half of them. Still haven't touched the Raidou games or DDS.

I also buy every Platinum game even if I don't actually have a console to play them on. I bought Bayonetta before I got my 360 and I have copies of Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 but no Wii U (I have played them on a friend's though). The only one I don't have a copy of is Anarchy Reigns because it's kind of terrible and multiplayer has never been my thing.

I love Platinum, and I've bought everything they ever made - except for that Cartoon Network, faux anime bullshit thing they recently shat out.