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I don't know, maybe Dan was down on this game because he'd seen it all before in Canvas Curse (which I also haven't played) but I have nothing but good things to say about this game.

I thought the underwater boss was a great way to mix things up, as you had to invert your thinking when drawing lines.

My only complaint is that Kirby's end-of-level dance isn't up to the series' standard. He just rolls about in time to the music. I expect more.

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I could not be more pleased that the entirety of Mad Men was just the origin story of that Coke ad.

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I am aware that my avatar is a shitty looking hat.

I am not willing to divulge further information.

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@vextroid said:

While a hotbar will always be preferable and arguably better, weapon wheels are fine for consoles/controllers. Better then having controllers come with a numpad ala the Atari Jaguar.

They should totally bring back numpads with those cardboard/plastic overlays for each individual game.

Also, paddles. They should bring back paddles.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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$5 download next halloween. Calling it.

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What about MGM cartoons?

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The Tower of Latria is the best area in all of the Souls games and you, sir, are a crazy man for thinking otherwise.

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@slang_n_bang said:

It's crazy just how many chat people took Brandon Sheffield's riff raff costume completely serious. People were actively enraged about his silly outfit.

To be fair, he was sitting right next to Dan in his America pyjamas. It's not unreasonable to assume that everyone involved in that segment was completely earnest.

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@darkendskys said:

Only boss in any off the games ive had a problem with is the giant rat in ds2.

That thing has the worst hitboxes of any enemie ever. It hit me in the back when I was in front of it with a shield several times. That with the broken camera just made him a pain.

That thing was total bullshit. It doesn't even look like a rat - it's a giant scabby dog.

"Don't use lock-on and attack it's ankles" is not a clever solution to a boss fight, it's an admission that your targeting system sucks balls. And it's particularly unforgivable in a game where you could lock on to a previous boss's ankles.