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The real Demon's Souls Spelunky starts here.

Hat's off to you!

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This is the best!

Can we get a moderators seal of approval on this?

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Patrick deserves a bullet point to himself, but beyond that it's warm fuzzies all round.

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I don't know. I watched that explanatory video past the irritating whispery bits to where they finally define what ASMR stands for and now I just feel really angry.

Now I kinda want to punch someone in the face.

Is that ASMR?

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"Buff rogue!" "Naked spearfishing!"

My Vinny soundboard is almost complete.

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This is my only issue with him being the host. He acts like it's not his fault that he chose those emails that he's reading. It's like if I keep buying food I don't like and then sit in front of you guys and eat it while saying, "Oh man, I don't know why I have to eat this. Why?!... Oh well, here we go".

No, it's like you buy the grossest food on the menu for yourself and three other guys - and then everybody has to describe how awful it tastes. That might be entertaining or might just cause someone to vomit spectacularly.

Either way, you should apologise in advance.

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How many of these are actually jokes that either the staff or the community references on a regular basis?

You're a joke that either the staff or the community references on a regular basis.

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@rejizzle said:

Spyro over Crash, Jak and Daxter, over Ratchet and Clank, and... Little disappointed with both developers this/last generation. Really only liked Uncharted 2 and Resistance 3. So it's a tie I guess.

Can I just say Sucker Punch?

Sucker Punch totally deserves to be part of this conversation. Rocket Robot was way better than Crash and Spyro.

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I got a 15 and a terrible headache.

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Pat McGroin.