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Do you have full control of your eyes? If so, I would recommend you avert said eyes.

Pity. This is actually standard functionality on many many forums.

It's the first I've heard of it. Would you be so kind as to point me towards those forums? I'd love to become more entrenched in my current mindset.

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And of course the third nipple.

Dan 'Scaramanga' Ryckert has a certain ring to it.

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No thanks. Enough loss in real life. Don't need it simulated.

exactly. why in the fuck would anyone want to play this? I've dealt with enough loss and still have plenty I could lose before my time comes. Why in the hell would I want to play a game centered around the hell you go through?

I mean, it's an interesting point. What I'd say is that some people like to explore, understand, and mediate on loss through movies, games, and books. My wife is someone who doesn't like watching "sad" movies. I'm sure there are people who won't want to partake in "sad" games. I'm the opposite, though. It's cathartic to experience stories that align with my own life stories. It helps me understand them.

Catharsis is one aspect, then there's the feeling of solidarity with someone who has shared a similar experience - even if it's a character in a videogame.

It's also been posited (by some smart guy in an article I read years ago) that those who engage with tales of tragedy, despite never experiencing bereavement themselves, do so as a sort of emotional rehearsal. It makes them feel better prepared for when they too must inevitably suffer a significant loss.

There is an audience for this. I just hope the writing lives up to game's ambition.

Also, it's haggis week on Giant Bomb!

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I defer to the adverts, powered by YAHOO! for me:

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The real Demon's Souls Spelunky starts here.

Hat's off to you!

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This is the best!

Can we get a moderators seal of approval on this?

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Patrick deserves a bullet point to himself, but beyond that it's warm fuzzies all round.

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I don't know. I watched that explanatory video past the irritating whispery bits to where they finally define what ASMR stands for and now I just feel really angry.

Now I kinda want to punch someone in the face.

Is that ASMR?

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"Buff rogue!" "Naked spearfishing!"

My Vinny soundboard is almost complete.

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This is my only issue with him being the host. He acts like it's not his fault that he chose those emails that he's reading. It's like if I keep buying food I don't like and then sit in front of you guys and eat it while saying, "Oh man, I don't know why I have to eat this. Why?!... Oh well, here we go".

No, it's like you buy the grossest food on the menu for yourself and three other guys - and then everybody has to describe how awful it tastes. That might be entertaining or might just cause someone to vomit spectacularly.

Either way, you should apologise in advance.