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Definitely just your internet. I've downloaded Forza's 50+ GB on two different consoles in a few hours.

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KOTOR, Braid, FEZ, Mass Effect 1, Portal 1

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Love nearly everything about my One. If you have a cable box, this is a no brainer. If not, it still has the exclusive games that I want to play (and no I am not building a gaming PC, my Mac handles Diablo 3, League of Legends and Hearthstone just fine.)

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Xbox on day one. If I had chosen the PS4, I would only have 1 game at this point (Fifa). On Xbox, I already have 5 (Forza, Fifa, Killer Instinct, Peggle 2, and Titanfall).

So yea, it was a very easy decision for me until some of the Naughty Dog games start hitting PS4. Same thing happened last gen when I got a PS3 right about when Uncharted 2 came out.

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MW2 was my last intense multiplayer shooter obsession, minus a little Halo 4. I downloaded as well and didn't play yet, but damn was I addicted to the beta.

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There absolutely no way its on a Blu ray. NOBODY has Blu ray drives in their PC.

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All digital and I got really annoyed when Microsoft reversed their policies, since that would have allowed me to find the best deal anywhere, install, and then forget about the disc.

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@leftie68: Seems like you got more playtime out of a free beta than almost any $60 single player campaign..

I agree though, if you don't enjoy competitive multiplayer or first-person shooting, this doesn't seem like the game for you.

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@jjbsterling said:

I understand the argument and the different lifestyles everyone has, but complaining about a mere $60 always seems crazy to me.

Agreed. People complain about this game being multiplayer only, but anyone who gets into it will get 100s of hours of playtime at the bare minimum. Plenty of us seem willing to buy single player games that are over in 8 hours, which we have no intention of ever playing again.

Would throwing in a 4 hour traditional COD single player campaign suddenly give this game $60 value? (It does have a "campaign mode" by the way).