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@djjoejoe: This. I was so annoyed when they reversed their policies because of no longer being able to install discs. I could have had my library be entirely digital while still shopping for the best price. Eliminating retail competition on the digital versions of games was actually a huge negative for the consumer.

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No it runs great, maybe some kind of firewall/wifi issue?

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@mcfart: I got most of my digital 360 games for about $5, deals have been pretty great the last couple years. Seems they just started a deals program for Xbox One along with Games with Gold. I've been pretty happy not having to swap a single disc so far.

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Definitely just your internet. I've downloaded Forza's 50+ GB on two different consoles in a few hours.

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KOTOR, Braid, FEZ, Mass Effect 1, Portal 1

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Love nearly everything about my One. If you have a cable box, this is a no brainer. If not, it still has the exclusive games that I want to play (and no I am not building a gaming PC, my Mac handles Diablo 3, League of Legends and Hearthstone just fine.)

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Xbox on day one. If I had chosen the PS4, I would only have 1 game at this point (Fifa). On Xbox, I already have 5 (Forza, Fifa, Killer Instinct, Peggle 2, and Titanfall).

So yea, it was a very easy decision for me until some of the Naughty Dog games start hitting PS4. Same thing happened last gen when I got a PS3 right about when Uncharted 2 came out.

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MW2 was my last intense multiplayer shooter obsession, minus a little Halo 4. I downloaded as well and didn't play yet, but damn was I addicted to the beta.

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There absolutely no way its on a Blu ray. NOBODY has Blu ray drives in their PC.

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All digital and I got really annoyed when Microsoft reversed their policies, since that would have allowed me to find the best deal anywhere, install, and then forget about the disc.