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Weird year for games, I don't own anything on that list except Titanfall.

Destiny, Halo, and GTA5 will be all I play the rest of this year and my GOTY is definitely Destiny. Will have to get Dragon Age, Forza Horizon, and Sunset when I have some time though.

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Why don't we all just play together on one of the existing servers like Ultima?

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I'd be so down for this, I played on one of the Blue Burst servers a couple years ago. That wasn't much of a hassle to get into.

Playing online in Dreamcast PSO was the most fun ive ever had in gaming.

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@loophole: ibVPN, they had a 6 hour trial. I'm sure people with more know -how could solve this with a free VPN, but I ended up paying $5 for a month.

I went through so many different VPN clients before I found one that just worked like a charm.

Then if on a Mac, just go to settings-> sharing-> internet sharing and select from: ibVPN-L2TP and to: wifi. Set up your xbox to use this new wifi connection and you are good to go. If on a pc, you will need another program to put out a wifi signal such as connectify.

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Well I finally played some Destiny by downloading a VPN designed to get people around the torrent blockade. Then I used the built-in Internet sharing on my Mac to send a wifi signal to the Xbox (I had no idea this was even a thing).

At least one great thing came of this, as I can now send a super fast wifi signal from my computer to all my other devices. The provided wifi from the university is slower than dial up in 1996. I was eating through tons of phone data to avoid ever turning it on.

If anyone else is having issues and wants more specifics on this workaround let me know.

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@cbyrne: Nope it's bungie..

This is the first and only game to ever have a single connection issue. There is a list being compiled of universities in nearly every state. Apparently Bungie is using P2P, which large networks block due to torrent use.

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SO just like with the Beta, I have never been able to login to the game. Apparently, every single person living on a college campus has this error and cannot play at all.

Seems like quite the oversight by Bungie considering the Beta acted the exact same way. Should I attempt to get a refund now or wait for comment from them?

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Anyone tried this yet? About to grab my free last gen version now.

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Diablo 3, League of Legends, Rogue Legacy, FTL, Binding of Isaac, Hearthstone, Forza..

Basically any multiplayer game, sports game, racing game or rogue-like after the first couple runs.

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@djjoejoe: This. I was so annoyed when they reversed their policies because of no longer being able to install discs. I could have had my library be entirely digital while still shopping for the best price. Eliminating retail competition on the digital versions of games was actually a huge negative for the consumer.