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I'm not saying it's Shenmue, because I'm not insane. But, if I were insane and predict it was Shenmue I'd use the following argument: 1) "series of massive significance" - A series, so more than one game has been release, very influential and maybe even groundbreaking at the time. 2) "Finally being confirmed" - whatever this game series is, it's taken a long, long time to get the newest instalment confirmed. 3) Ah, I've misread the last piece of the scan and thought it said something else, rendering point 3 irrelevant. Nice.

Back in the real world, a new Syphon Filter or Colony Wars would be cool, I think. Demons' Souls would be interesting, but why bother when Dark Souls 2 is going to get all the media attention soon?

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This is great. Great! You know it's seeing stuff like this that makes me think...isn't it about time the community pulled together and made a Street Fighter II styled Giant Bomb fighting game? We have the artist, the musicians, and probably the coders to do it... A dream for now, I guess.

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God damn it I did not need the NSA knowing about my ill gotten Spread Needle +15.

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For me it comes down to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Vs. Pet Sounds and SMiLE.

I don't know who wins that though. Pet Sounds? Sgt. Pepper? SMiLE, but if it was released back then though, right? I dunno.

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I live and work in Japan right now. Moved here in August. It's cool, but not as cool as you'd think. I work teaching English, and the language barrier isn't so hard. The culture barrier is, however, a totally different kettle of fish.

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I have the GBA version (the Japanese Mother 1+2 cart) but I'd totally get it on WiiU if I had one. I'm not getting a WiiU just for Earthbound though. I musn't, it's crazy. I might. No!

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Well Sega would certainly have a bit of a hot mess on their hands if they announced Shenmue 3, or even 1+2HD. But I'm expecting nothing, not even PSO2 news.

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Hmm then I'm fresh out of ideas. When I used to work in computer repair, which was some time ago, I'd often get people bring in a computer that would do what you were describing. More often then not, the motherboard would have a socket for the PSU that hadn't been connected. <- is that the board? Are you 100% sure it's all plugged in, power wise. Look at the PSU and the motherboard.

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Are you sure theres enough power going to the board and the cards? Are the jumpers on the motherboard correctly set up? If it starts to come on then stops, I'd suggest there's a power issue going on.

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Try booting without the gfx card, and take out sticks of memory at a time to see if one of those, or both, is faulty. I'd expect a bleep though if it were one of those. Before any of that, check that all the power cables for your cards and for the board itself are plugged in. Your motherboard may need extra power that you've not connected.