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Haha this is great. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who immediately noticed this.

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Just had the left stick on my first controller start to wear a couple days ago. It seems to be a prevalent problem. The guy at EB Games said they continue to sell out of the stick covers regularly. I ordered a 2 set of Grip-Its for my two controllers, which have been reviewed well.

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Well written Patrick. I agree with your ideas here. This game's story-telling felt like a big step back for Ubisoft. Although, I am kind of happy the it stayed small and didn't get into saving the world. From what I glean in the credits, that won't be the case in the next game.

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PS4 for me. Once I saw what this game actually was and watched Jeff play it, I started to get excited for it.

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I'll go with Shadows of the Damned. The game was completely off my radar and I picked it up cheap after reading Alex's review. The controls were a little wonky but the game had a great sense of humour and a creepy atmosphere. It's worth a look, especially during the summer if you're short of games to play.

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Apes looks cool, but that Sex Tape trailer was cringe-worthy. Seems like an odd choice for Segal.

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@machofantastico: I've probably spent more time with NBA 2K14's career mode then any other game this year (don't follow basketball and have never played a 2K basketball game before). I bought it because my friend wanted someone to play online with. The career mode does a good job of teaching you your chosen position and building your character is a satisfying experience. The story is cheesy at times and the dynamic goals sometimes encourage you to be a ball hog. Overall though I think the career mode alone is worth it.

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Always in the morning to wake up and feel clean. Sometimes another shower at night if I feel gross.

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Really enjoyed the new podcast and Dan and Jason seem great.

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