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@cosmokramer: Student Dorms ? I am thinking about E3. How will reporters be able to play the latest FIFA ? After 10 reporters you are out of "family members " or can you play at someone elses account despite not looking like them at all ?

( Actually i know that Kinect actually may be against Germanys rules about cameras and privacy rules, European Union also have some strict rules about trading and any embargo on free trade is possibly against those rules also, can Microsoft be so rich that they dont care about any sale in Europe. The built in Kinect have already lost them the Asian market as they have quite small living space over there...)

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I have tried IE 32 and 64 and also chrome, updated flash and graphic card drivers, i am all out of ideas here ? Atleast they have some of the videos on their youtube channels....

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In the last five years the three big ones ( Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) all have made gigantic mistakes. Microsoft trying to rebuild steam with less functions ( soon followed with EA doing the same with Origin.) , Sony loosing its focus ( and security of the customers btw ), and the PS3 is what kind of machine now ? who knows ( dont get me started on the handhelds ), and finally Nintendo going from some great games on Wii with some gimmicks, to only gimmicks and attachments today.

This would actually be the ideal time to launch a 4th console if you had enormous financial coffins. But as the economy is , that is not going to happen. ( This would be ideal time for the "Viking" or whatever it was called, to bad it was all a scam.)

It IS apossibility that they all are thinking about the next generation of consoles right now, but i am not that hopeful. Do any big game company actually have a gamer in a lead position anymore ?

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So not selling EA games including Mass Effect 3 was a bad business idea i guess ?

I feel really bad about all those that have lost their jobs, but lets face it, in the future, we get our movies, games and music over the internet.

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I wasnt that upset with the ending , sure it felt really out of character, not only for shepard, but also from the team.

I still can live with it ... what REALLY bugs me is the lying! Boiware stated over and over again that your actions as a player would have an impact in the end. Different color was not what i had in mind when they said that.

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The best one i ever saw is this one:

They got it on primetime on national televison and people got furious.

A 2002 Swedish mockumentary, that claims that the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden didn't really take place, but was staged as a television and radio event between American and Swedish Television, the CIA and FIFA as part of a Cold War strategy.

Unfortunatly i have never seen any english subtitles, only norwegian.

They even got a homepage:

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League of Legends, almost everyone i know seems to play, but i just suck at it and never seem to find my special character i like.

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@RobotOctopus said:

                    An estimated 4500 U.S soldiers died, while over 10,000 Iraqis died since the start of the war on March 20, 2003. It turns out Iraq did not have any ties with terrorism or weapons of mass destruction, however now American propaganda is blaming Iran for Iraq's lack of leadership. Anyway, is the world now a safer place that Saddam is gone? Even so, was he illegally compromised? Is this just a poltitical move for Obama's election campaign?   
When you say 10,000 iraqis , you somehow "forgot" the 100,000 + dead civilians ? 
That also answer the whole "was it worth it question" .


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As usual, they made a video of this on youtube, check out "achievement hunters".
( they also have Halo fails of the week, and Halo horse each week..... real fun to watch.)

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Farmers today have to use much stronger pesticides than they used to 20 yeasr ago, why ? The pests evolved.
All those miracles that they wrote in several old books , as soon as we had scientists they stopped. 
On the other hand, as O´reilly points out , we have tides.... LOL

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