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I'm curious exactly where the other 2 shoulder buttons are?

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So this doesn't yet affect live streams? If the content creators out there weren't aware of this prior someone gone dun fucked up. Eyes are on Twitch to smooth this over quickly as it's likely to turn very nasty in short order.

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I know EA get a ton of hate by default but this seems an interesting move, they're pushing the games-as-a-service model on consoles as something new. It'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out after a few months.

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How's about a League of Legends F2P theme park. Each day a selection of rides are free and you have to pay to access the rest. You know what, I had a bunch of puns about 'feeding' people in the queuing 'lanes' but i'd be totally down with that access model for a theme park.

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There's also 1 more thing to add to that spoiler...

In addition to the book and the dagger there should also be a key for the chest in the inn where the murder occurred, inside is another item you can present to Esmerelda. With all 3 items the quest can move on and you have a couple of options on what to do from there.

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I would be interested in further Bradcasts.

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It's an interesting idea, but when is the last generation even over? If new games are still coming out on the PS3 / 360 then they should still be in contention?

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It can depend on what kind of MMO experience you're after?

SWTOR is a pretty good example of a single player MMO. You can get all of the story, and it is quite a good story for the most part, done solo with the odd group dungeon or PVP match along the way. Endgame is a bit hit or miss but there's enough to do that if you enjoy it there'll be people to do it with. Do consider throwing in a few bucks for the account upgrade if you've not played before though!

People have covered GW2 quite nicely, but i'd also recommend that.

Another option is Lord of the Rings Online. It's dated and pretty barren for the most part, but the questing is nice and there's lots to do, especially if you're into the lore of it all. You can get to 20 without any financial commitment to see whether it's worth putting some money in to.

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For what it's worth i'm in the same boat, I got the code from Nvidia and it's not showing up in Uplay. It's a shame as I really would have liked to pre-load it.

Edit: i've just checked again and it's there now and downloading. Goodo.

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Having just finished the game i'm still processing my thoughts on the whole experience, a lot of the posts have rung true with my own feelings but I think @nals has the right of it - yet I don't think it's that cut and dry. What happened to the people of Cloudbank that lead them to disappear? What greater roll did Red's beau play in this? I feel wrong time wrong place doesn't fit this story.

I'm not specifically trying to spar for the plot meaning as i'm still processing it myself and look forward to a replay to pick up on the story beats again. However I do think this is a good story well told, whether it's simple or not shouldn't affect the discussion on the various plot points. My initial reaction was this was a story of awakening enabled by the Transistor in a matrix-esq environment, having since considered the bios and the posts here makes that a little more, well ok a lot more, complex.

All in all I appreciate the story and look forward to delving into this more, my initial reaction to it all was very pleasing!

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