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I'd love to see this from a non-force user perspective. Perhaps a smuggler caught up in it all and trying to avoid it all, have the goal a personal mission complicated by all of the crazyness of the Jedi and war and there's plenty of ambiguity for a meaty story.

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So are we saying the Bloodborne comes to the PC as both Half Life 3 AND Frog Factions 2?

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@brightside: I believe you're describing Galaxian 3. There's a similar game called Star Blade, but I'm pretty sure that's single player only.

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Thank you, this is exactly it. The slap bass really resonates with me for some really odd nostalgic reason.

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Hi duders. I'm trying to remember an arcade game from the mid-90's which I remember playing in the London Trocadero. It may have a home release on the Playstation or something but I don't recall seeing it outside of the arcade.

It was a sit down on-rails sci-fi shooter for 8-12 players or so with the premise of a large gunship flying off into space to destroy an alien menace ultimately located on some planet. Each player had a physical gun unit mounted on a counter which directed a coloured cursor on the very large projected screen. I think it was using polygonal graphics with a Japanese anime feel to it (like Macros). Hopefully someone remembers it and there exists a youtube playthough.


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Custom round-a-bouts and imported grid referenced cities? My dream of destroying Milton Keynes could become reality!

Joking aside this wasn't on my radar until yesterday and now the more I hear the more I want to jump in. I'll probably pick this up in a bit purely based on good word of mouth, this is the game surprise I like.

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Hey duders, i've been playing the game for a while off and on, mostly in small insular FCs. I'm looking to branch out and find a wholesome community with some active chat and players, i'm not super interested in raiding but would at least like to see some content in a full group! I'm currently on Moogle and play EU times but it seems this isn't really much of an issue for you guys.

Hopefully there's space in the server and FC for me?

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You should also sit down and watch the Persona 4 Endurance Run... all of it. It's ok we can wait.

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Give One Way Heroics a look up on Steam. It's a top down roguelike with a semblance of persistence but lets you retry the 'level' and carry forward things to improve on subsequent games. There's plenty of upgrades and unlocks to make your future games go better as well as an upgrading bank to take items from past playthroughs.

The game itself is a tile by tile turn where you're always being pushed to the 'east', there's a variety in the level set as well as a defined goal. If you fail you can retry on the same tileset or go ahead on a new randoml level

The game is pretty cheap on Steam ($3.49 I believe) so check it out!

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A legitimate legend, a sad day indeed.

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Single shirt shipping is $12.75 to the UK first class shipping with the next option at $43.50 for priority international. I was kinda tempted by the $225 express option though...

Edit: i'm also looking forward to rocking the lovely red reactor soon as tempting as the sneaking shirt was.