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I've spent most of the day playing it with friends (typically 2-3 per session) and as such have only played hunters and i've not touched the monster as yet. Got to level 13 mostly playing medic, toyed around with Lazurus but prefer Val.

So that being said I feel we've won about 80% of our matchesm typically being wiped out by a level 3 monster if we messed up somehow like getting separated, overconfidence or turtling and fighting a fully buffed and armored opponent.

I'm not sure on the balance yet it feels like there is a lot of option for skill and tactics that might make it seem more one sided that it typically is, especially when dealing with new players on either side. Taking down the monster was often very satisfying and the difference utilizing a bit of teamwork and communication really did step up our game. Having a tracker that knows what signs to look for and can lead a group and direct adds a really interesting role into the dynamic.

The performance of the game itself was pretty dire with long loads, bad matchmaking and some graphical hitches but it's an alpha (for whatever that means now) so that gets a pass, albeit with a concerned look. I really enjoyed the experience and it made for some genuinely fun team gameplay, even when we lost we felt we knew why'd we'd messed up (even if some of the blame might have been with the silently PUG of the party) or how the monster had gotten the better of us that time.

It's fun, I don't know how long it'd remain fun with the total maps/monsters/hunters. But it has promise and sets up a fairly unique experience for asynchronous class based team shooters that mix up the films Trollhunter and Monsters.

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They should call it the "Nintendo Entertainment System" or N.E.S. for short because fuck it, it's not like consoles and franchises aren't already getting rebooted using the original name.

That being said, I like your idea and voted yes!

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@sackmanjones: I'm confused that is clearly Dave Lang and Dr. Tracksuit in that picture.

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Spoiler: everyone is a spy, everyone else is Merlin. I didn't get to watch this live but I really love this game.

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Who ever that man is, he isn't done, he isn't finished and he'll certainly be back...

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Once the dust has settled I would really be interested to see what this was. What design options did they consider? At what point did various mechanics go out of the window? How did the release and reception of other MMOs over the years factor in?

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This is a really well reasoned thread and I think it's a discussion that is really beneficial. As @junpei has stated comments are typically a binary black/white, love/hate statement.

My personal feelings on it come down to the nature of internet communication, it's about people stating their opinion directly and addressing points on a, well, point by point nature. It's a factor of the communication from forums to Facebook posts to Twitter replies to anything really. I feel this is one facet of the issue in that people feel the need to address all points of contention in a single reply, there is no discourse, discussion or time to consider. It's easy to take a single point or quote and focus on that for a reply without any immediate discourse. There is no real back and forth to facilitate a rational discussion in this regard.

This in itself can be dealt with and isn't necessarily a stopping block for reasoned debate but the nature of such an echo chamber has almost necessitated a desire to be heard and thus the loudest or most noticeable voices get traction, and as is the way, the louder and more virulent voices obtain the focus.

I'm not really sure what can be done to curtail the trend of social feedback, but I don't think a change will come easily. It will be painful and jarring. I sincerely hope we're on the first step of this cultural change right now.

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I'm curious exactly where the other 2 shoulder buttons are?

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So this doesn't yet affect live streams? If the content creators out there weren't aware of this prior someone gone dun fucked up. Eyes are on Twitch to smooth this over quickly as it's likely to turn very nasty in short order.

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I know EA get a ton of hate by default but this seems an interesting move, they're pushing the games-as-a-service model on consoles as something new. It'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out after a few months.