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@sins_of_mosin said:
" Ugh, I getting so tired of the game slowing down after a few hours.  I hope it don't end up like another world I made where it would just crash every time.  Sigh, they tried to beat the holiday rush and we are paying for it. "
Yeah, they really wanted to come out before Civilization 5 and that was a big mistake.  I was following Elemental since beta 1 and it looked like it had a lot of potential.   They jumped into Beta 2 and suddenly it felt more like a full game... then we ran through Beta 3 through 4 within weeks and then the game was released.  You could tell from Beta 4 it needed way more time... perhaps delayed until next year.
There's a bunch of little problems like memory leaks and a bit of a clumsy interface at times.  Compare Elemental  to Ironclad's Sins of a Solar Empire that felt very polished from day one.  It's disappointing to see this game in the state that it's in.
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@Djeffers03 said:
" Does anyone know if they bumped up the power of the assault rifle? That thing was useless in the beta. "
Yeah they said they strengthened it slightly, but it's really hard to tell how much from the videos I've seen.
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 I shan't not spoil myself, but I am very excited! Hearing nothing but praise and the game's a personal victory anyway, hater's gonna hate and all that jazz. I'll spend my time gaming while they are complaining^^ "
Since I've been waiting forever to see a campaign mission, I spoiled that little bit to see how they did it.
I was getting flashbacks to Halo 1 a lot in a good way.  It just feels "bigger" if you can parse what I mean.  Halo 2 and Halo 3 always felt much more linear, and Halo ODST was a little too short to enjoy the wider environments.  It just so right that Elites are back.  It's like a good friend you've met again and didn't realize you missed.
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The improvement of their animation system really helps in the cut-scenes.  It has none of that jerky, cartoonish quality like in ODST. 
Damn, Reach looks like the game I wanted out of Halo 2. 

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In a perfect world, Stardock would have released this game around early October... but I doubt they wanted to go too close to Civilization 5.  It does remind me of Gal Civ 2 before the Dark Avatar expansion where it's fun but in retrospect it's missing something. There is something to be said about how cool it is to make you're own avatar instead of choosing pre-designed ones.
I need more time with it though, but it does still lack polish.  I'm sure it'll be fixed in a couple months.  Stardock has always been really good with updates.

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@DystopiaX said:
 the game is a fucking sci-fi based shooter where you kill dinosaur-looking aliens, it's not supposed to be realistic. "
If anyone ever uses the "realism" argument, show them Penn and Teller's Desert Bus game.  It's the most realistic game ever created and it's boring.
When people use the "realism" argument, they're actually saying the game didn't meet some pre-conceived expectation.
For example, I expect guns to kill almost instantly just like movies have shown me.  People die almost instantly in CoD.  It is not the same in Halo.
Therefore, Call of Duty is more realistic.
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@AestheticSynthesis said:
"An assault rifle that's actually useful. "
Heh.  That'll certainly rile up all the wannabe pros.  I'm all for it.
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@Mr_Skeleton said:

I want to be the first person in Halo Reach to build a giant penis!

What you need to do is make it subtle.  Make it look like a penis only from some angle and then make sure to create an excellent multiplayer map.
It would be awesome if people realize the map they've been playing on is really a giant stealth penis.
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@blacklabeldomm said:
" drug references sexually suggestive content alcohol referencesblood and gore intense violence strong language nudity  pretty much everything you see in an M rated game "
It always amazes me the Halo series gets an M-rating when it feels like an T-rated affair.  ESRB has strange standards. 
I'd like a full weapon editor that you can adjust the various weapon attributes or maybe you can even add new ones (area of effect, rainbow explosions, double rainbow explosions, etc).  It would really shut people up online if we could go test their idea and show them if they're right or wrong.  Also, it would allow something close to modding.
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Oooo, the Marathon one.  It's like a reward for enduring the slight motion sickness that game used to cause before patch.