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Nice video! I was in it for a brief second! I was the dude in the 'staff' hoodie on the left at around 2:54 for AbleGamers. :D

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To @patrickklepek and everyone else that finds this awesome, check out AbleGamers! It's a non-profit charity that helps developers make games more accessible, helps gamers with disabilities know if a game works for them, and overall just works to help more people play more games!

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Heart-felt wishes sent out to the entire cast and crew. A true tragedy.

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Top rated journalism.

But no, seriously, in game hair sucks. I can't think of a single game that does it right.

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Tricky, we are all thinking and sending positive energy your way. I'm sorry for your loss.

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I would love to see more background in the Gears universe. Hope for the best with this one.

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Seems legit. I'd pick up the special edition for that price.

Gotta wear that Avatar armor!