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Despite being true or not, i couldn't stop consider buying one for my pc.

What would you like to see in a PC kinect?

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It always feel to hard to choose the classes at the beggining of a dungeon crawler. I just think that archery is rather useless in this game

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I'm having the same problem, but i think it the DLc is already out for every country.

I REALLY hope to not have to redownload it. i hate that i can't uninstall and reinstall without downloading everything again

EDIT: I just verified the integrity of the games files and suddenly i'm downloading 7.3 GB of something, even tho i had already downloaded the DLC. Hope it works after it.

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Just got the Heaven ending! it was great

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I love the concept of PC gaming at the living room. i think SteamOS is a great concept, even tho i would probably use a real distro.