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Added everyone since my last post (back on page 12). Please add me back FC is 2578 - 4370 - 4620

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@efbiaye: It's more the fact that the card my bank gave me is a Maestro card and I really don't want to have to apply for a visa card JUST for the bombcast when everything else I use accepts either Maestro or Paypal 
@AlisterCat: Thanks I'll be subscribing pretty much as soon as that gets done then.
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Hey, does anyone know when paypal support is coming as at the moment they don't accept my weird European credit cards? 
EDIT: Sorry if this has already been asked a bunch

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Obscure one people are forgetting but Final Fantasy XI not only lets you play against (or with) PC players but also PS2 as it's all one big happy server 
But then again it's an MMO so meh.

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I have a Bombcast on in the background (02/03/2010(Yes I am one of those freaks who listens to the back catalogue) as well as procrastinating from doing some portfolio work

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Just to let you guys know, it's people like the OP that make the rest of the world say 'Hey Americans are dicks!'

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Games nowadays barely have manuals anyway, look at Modern Warfare 2 that wasn't a manual it was a pamphlet.

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@MysteriousBob: Wow, that's quite a substantial list. It's gonna take quite a while to work through that one 
@Cloneslayer: I know I'm a terrible influence but I have no regrets! 
@drac96: @Count_Zero: Noted and added to the list 
Thanks guys. If there's anything missing then please keep adding
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