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Well spoken, except you can't do a "scratch that" it's just odd in an article. Too self aware. :P Keep up the good work.

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Today we all are sharing a heartache and desperately trying not to let a void manifest in our hearts for a man who seemed so joyous and happy to just be doing his job and living his life like he wanted. We should all take a page from this and remember every moment is precious and live life in a way that makes you happy and fulfilled. I hope to just be half as happy and live just a sliver of my life the way Ryan lived his. Myself and all that have come in contact with your infectious good soul will miss you dearly and we loved the time we got with you. To all that were in Ryan's direct circle of friends and family I can only imagine your emotions right now, I to share this sudden bewilderment of emotion and I feel for you and share my condolences.

I love being part of this community and Ryan is a huge piece of that, I now feel a love for the man and I know we will be able to help each other cope with this loss in our lives.

Rest in Peace Ryan, I hope your soul's ending resting place is exactly how you imagined it. I am going to miss you dude.

-Brian Robertson

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Someone PLZ PLZ animate Jeff's 40 cent rant!!!!!