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@jimbo: I forgot about Nick Cages epic hair in Con Air

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@selfconfessedcynic: They have been trying different ways to solve the problem. But have been hitting nothing but red tape.

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Attention duders. My sister and her husband have been stationed in Japan with the Navy for the last three years. During that time she has had a bunny that has kept her company while her husband was deployed for long stretches. Now that she is finally coming home in October they found out that the airline the Navy chartered for them only allows Dogs and Cats on the flight. This is a problem. Their only option now is to pay for the shipping themselves. This is going to cost a few hundred dollars and has to be done. We have already started raising money but any help would be amazing. If you are interested in helping out please send me a message and I will send the information over.

I came to Giantbomb because after years of membership this community has proven that it can be pretty amazing.

Thank you all in advance.

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I am someone who things that Nintendo should probably get out of the console business. But I do not hope in any way that they go out of business. I think they still make great handhelds and make some great games. I think it would be really cool to see Nintendo start licensing their games out to other console makers.

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My desktop approves. Awesome job.

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As someone who will be working on Thanksgiving later on in the day I can say that I agree with what you said. But at the same time, in my company at least it is voluntary and someone in my position gets triple time for working the day. I literally get paid three times more than I normally get paid.

So I am torn.

I dislike because my years in retail have taught me that companies exist to out do eachother. Sure my company opens up at 8pm this year. But our competition is opening at 6pm. So than next year comes along and we are open at 6pm and they are open at 4pm.

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I got on very soon after it launched, I did the first race which actually ran great. Than did another mission where I had to beat other players to a dealer and steal his drugs than bring the drugs to another dealer. That took me to a screen where I leveled up to 3. But than right after that I got booted.

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Sorry about the double post by the way. Thanks for the info man.

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Does anyone remember exactly which video Alex tried to eat 100 McNuggets?

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Does anyone remember exactly which video Alex tried to eat 100 McNuggets?