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You can't go wrong with Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball.

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@brodehouse: Does the whole game revolve around dust/money still? Oil should be a resource like Warcraft 2 methinks, those were the days.

I haven't played in a couple months, but I remember it being a very Civ-inspired system. Towns generate food+production+science+money in different areas. I think they also produce influence/reputation, which is kind of like culture in Civ, except you spend it for temporary boosts across like 15 turns.

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@bisonhero: I swear I had a city that used the Wizard Balls resource..! They gave me like +10 dust or money or something.

Also I just realized I called it Endless Fantasy instead of Endless Legend. Endless Fantasy will be their Warcraft clone.

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@arbitrarywater: Holy shit, we made basically the same team.

Murphy is the leader, he's a chucklehead with a top hat and a moustache, a revolver and a degree in Toaster Repair. He's USELESS.

Kara is a blonde Swedish lady with a sniper rifle and a bad attitude. She is clutch.

Jacques is a big African dude who is also our medic. He has few kills but has a ton of damage dealt because he's also packin a shotty.

Amir is the tech and ingress guy, who uses an SMG and an assault rifle. Amir is 15 years younger than everyone else and has dreads because I wanted to use that one portrait. Amir is somehow the best member of the team despite being too spread out.

All that said, I didn't min-max dudes much at all, and I think that might be my downfall. I don't feel strong enough to do the next part and it might be because I didn't roll anyone with attributes over 6. But now I'm attached to my dudes.

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Might blow your mind but they make harem VN games for both sexes. They have for a long time. There's one where you meet hot older guys in a cafe for hot older guys and all of the guys have some emotional trauma (and are hot). There's one where you hang out with sexy samurais.

And for some reason I expect a much more charitable response to these type of games compared to their gender-flipped varieties.

Also, "sex being used to attract women rather than the other way around"... as in, women being used to attract sex?

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I played Early Access and really liked it. When I play Civ6, I'll find Wheat and it'll be like "oh look it's Wheat".... in Endless Fantasy I find Wizard Balls and Glassteel and Fuckeronium and it's like what's all this?!

The way the provinces and the creeps work is also interesting, and I was just getting into that Influence or reputation system or whatever it is. I remember the AI being hard in Early Access, but that might be because all the tools weren't on the table yet.

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I would have named KENTA Kensuke Shizaki. 'Ken' as in 'KENTA' and 'Shiz' as in 'KENTA is the shiz'.

I would name Devitt as Finn Cullen. Because Cu Chulainn is better than Balor.

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Would Dolph Ziggler be more tolerable if he was Adolf Siegler? Why are German names so silly to you guys?

If we're saying that Finn Balor, Dolph Ziggler and Hideo Itami aren't 'serious' enough then we're just going to go back to everyone being Jake Carter and Alex Riley and Troy Stevens and Kyle Edwards and Josh Matthews and whatever other 2008 Jimmy McWhiteGuy names you can think up. 'Hideo Itami' is a goofy dumb silly name for a silly midcarder, but Steven Keen is a serious main event name.

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Dan's lunacy can occasionally bug me (TERMINATOR ONE IS A GREAT MOVIE) but since Dan never tries to present himself as a superior moral authority, it doesn't irritate me. I just go "psshhh, fucking Dan" like I do when my friends say something ridiculous. I don't have friends who say ridiculous things and then tell me my failure to agree means that I am whatever terrible person they're suspicious of this week. I suppose it has more to do with how Dan presents himself than it does me agreeing with him.

I like Jeff but fuck man, I disagree with him on practically everything when it comes to art. But I find Jeff as a person to be admirable (and relatable) and I find Jeff as a resource of video game information (especially The Dumb Stuff) to be the best in the world. Jeff Gerstmann's perspective is super valuable to me.

I miss Ryan. All Ryan wanted to do was sit on a cake and kill helicopters.

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I am not a comics enthusiast, but I really love Blankets by Craig Thompson, Maus by Art Spieglemen and Copper by Kazu Kabuishi. Especially Blankets, that thing is great.